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Billy McFarland: A 23-year Old with a Millionaire Lifestyle

Ever thought that at 23 you would be cruising the world in private jets and millionaire yachts while dining at fancy 5-star hotels? Well, I certainly did not, but the young ambitious Billy McFarland is definitely living this life. And he goes around recruiting new believers to join his young & rich religion.

According to Business Insider, Billy McFarland is the CEO of the lifestyle club, Magnises. It’s a business that partners with hotels, clubs, and flight companies to provide discount prices for their packages. It only takes $250 to become a full Magnises member and receive the famed Magnises lifestyle card.

The Magnises card is a unique metal card that grants you access to a way of living most of us dream about—add me to the list! A day with a Magnises membership card means you will be having a 5-star lunch at the New York La Esquina restaurant. Later that afternoon you will be on a helicopter ride around the city of Hampton taking in all the breathtaking views.

And in the evening, some partying at Club Finale or Spin Studio Cyc won’t hurt, especially if you can bump on Nicki Minaj anytime. Speaking of celebrities, the Magnises card can now give you a free pass to any Rick Ross or Ja Rule concert in town. I don’t know about you but this is the exact life I want to live.

It’s Business as Usual

There is more to the Magnises lifestyle than the covetable exotic trips or VIP access to a Rozay concert. Billy McFarland also intended this club to be a hub for connecting millennials to new business opportunities. Think about it, you are on a cruise ship with Larry Page beside you and there is this tech idea you have always wanted to share with someone—definitely better than my 8 to 5.

Bottom Line

Billy McFarland has managed to recruit over 6000 members to Magnises who enjoy a discounted lifestyle only experienced by the rich. They even have an in-house mobile app that lets you pick instant deals wherever you are and pay later with your credit card. If I lived in New York, with a business that needs a push and the desire to travel in my 20s, that $250 investment to Magnises is a definite life changer.