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Woman Being Held Hostage Uses Pizza Hut App To Call Police

A woman in Florida got some assistance in an unusual way after her boyfriend decided to turn a knife on her and held her, and her two children hostage. According to an article found on reddit and written by, the woman who has yet to be named, loaded up her Pizza Hut app and ordered a pizza and put a message on the bottom “call 911 hostage help”. When the pizza hut manager showed the ticket to her boss Susan McGalla who immediately called police officers who were sent to the location and address of the pizza order slip.

Once they got there they took the woman and her children to safety and dealt with her boyfriend, Ethan Nickerson. That is incredibly that this lady found a way to use her smart phone, or smart device, to see help. I can understand how scary it must have been for her to realize that she was in a hostage situation and it was a very creative solution for her to use that application to get help. I am really happy that this story worked out for the better, as in many cases it can always go the other way very quickly.

Thankfully everyone involved was ok and there was no further violence. The children were alright as well, and this may give people ideas on how to help themselves if they find that they are in a similar situation.