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Why Perry Mandera Is Helping Lobbying Efforts To Eliminate The Commercial Distribution Fee

Perry Mandera is an executive in the shipping industry. He owns The Custom Companies, Inc. which he founded in 1986. His business is headquartered just outside of Chicago in Northlake, Illinois and has a satellite office in Los Angeles and other cities across the United States. As an active member of his industry he serves on the Illinois Trucking Association’s (ITA) board. He has also been hailed as being among the top 100 transportation executives in the United States.

As a member of the ITA, Perry Mandera has been part of the industry’s push to garners support for Illinois Senate Bill 662. This will would eliminate a tax on the industry known as the Commercial Distribution Fee which costs those in the industry an additional 14.35% each time they renew the tabs on their truck’s license plates.

The Commercial Distribution Fee is levied on every vehicle that weights between 8,001 and 80,000 pounds and costs companies in the shipping industry about $50 million each year. Another problem with this fee, Perry Mandera says, is that the money that is collected goes into the state’s general funds. There is no requirement, therefore, that it is used to maintain roads or pay for state police who monitor roads.

Perry Mandera’s leadership of The Custom Companies has led to a successful company that now employees more than 300 people. His company has exceeded $200 million in sales. They provide shipping services to every size of business, from small mom and pop operations to those corporations in the Fortune 100.

Soon after founding his company Perry Mandera founded a philanthropic organization called Through this organization he financially supports many local and national charities. His primary focus is on providing money to causes that support children and youth organizations. He also focuses on helping military veterans as well. He has also had his company help out in the aftermath of natural disasters such as in 2013 when a tornado hit Washington, Illinois. He sent more than 40 of his vehicles to this city, each one loaded with supplies like food, clothing, bedding, and water.

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