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Brazilian Success Still Pushes Igor Cornelsen To Continue Investing


Igor Cornelsen may have decided to leave his role as the head of some of the most important banks in Brazil with his decision to retire, but this does not mean the expert in Brazilian investing is looking to a quiet life. The contrary would appear to be true with Cornelsen taking on a major role with the Bahamas based Bainbridge Investments Inc., for whom he spends a large amount of time seeking out the best opportunities in developing new investment opportunities for his clients that is a form of hobby for a professional who has spent much of his career involved in the financial industry.


A different approach to investing has always been a part of the career of Igor Cornelsen, who has become well known for looking at different ways of making money from the traditional investment strategies we all know and use often. Cornelsen is known for providing advice on how to invest in damaged stocks, which provide a simple way of investing with little risk and getting a profitable outcome almost every time; this approach differs from that given by most investment professionals who look to invest in damaged businesses, which are an altogether more dangerous prospect for future success.


As a former professional in the Brazilian banking industry Igor Cornelsen has developed a deep and profitable understanding of the economy of this South American country; Cornelsen believes the Brazilian economy has much to offer investors around the world, and should be explored on a much more regular basis by financial experts from the U.S. and beyond. From Facebook Cornelsen explains to his investors that the Brazilian economy has now become the fifth largest in the world and can provide a vital part of a successful investment portfolio that can be stable and profitable in the long and short term. Read more about Igor on Yolasite, as he’s had an extremely interesting career up to this point.