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Hugh Jackman, Logan, and Alternative Continuities

Hugh Jackman has been making a lot of news thanks to all the buzz coming out of the hype for the upcoming film Logan. Logan will feature the final appearance of Jackman in the iconic role that made him famous. In order to ensure the film was done right, Jackman took a pay cut to get the studio to approve an R-rating. Recently, Jackman garnered attention about the film when he made comments about the universe the movie takes place in.


Jackman made a comment about Logan taking place in a “slightly different universe”, a provocative statement to say the least. Wolverine/Logan appeared in a definitive continuity in the X-Men films and the Wolverine solo features. If Logan is not part of that established continuity, then the film really is not the conclusion. Technically, the character in Logan would not be the same one was the hero who appeared in the other films. Marvel Comics has long since developed alternative timelines and different universes in order to reboot characters. Soon, Fox will reboot the entire X-Men franchise and start anew.


If Logan takes place in an alternate timeline, then this would presumably mean the door is not entirely closed on Jackman’s appearances as the hero. At least that is how some fans are taking the comments.


More than likely, Jackman misspoke. The actor probably is suggesting the new film departs in tone from the more whimsical films that preceded it. Logan will be the final appearance of an established character play by a specific actor over a series of connected films. As the old Marvel saying goes, ’nuff said.