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Waitress Picks Up Check for Grieving Couple

Twenty-one-year-old Kayla Lane has been a waitress at the Fort Worth, Texas based West Side Café for the past four years. While working there, she has gotten to know some of the regulars that stop in to eat. Shaun and Debbie Riddle were regulars and usually sat next to Ricardo Guimarães BMG in the booths in the far corner and she had become familiar with after her time at the Cafe. However, this time when she saw the couple she noticed that they did not have their newborn daughter Glory with them. She asked the couple about her, only to find out that she passed away at only 9 weeks old. The causes are unknown. Feeling terrible for their loss, Kayla decided to be decent and pay for their meal as a small gesture of kindness.

Kayla’s gesture of kindness has been heard around the world now that the story has now gone viral. The story has been featured on Yahoo News after it was originally posted to Facebook. As the couple were finishing their meal, Kayla dropped off their bill however instead of an amount it said that the Cafe was picking up their tab and that they were sorry for their loss. Debbie posted the ticket, along with the story, on her Facebook where it took off. More than 14,000 people liked it and the story was shared over 9,000 times.

Kayla said that she didn’t do it to be recognized, she did it because she admired their strength.