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How Andrew Rolfe Reinvigorated the Ubuntu Education Fund

Running a non profit is much like running any other kind of business. You need to prioritize running a smooth operation, you need to raise money, and you need to supply your desired customer with a great service. The Ubuntu Education Fund, founded by Jacob Lief, aims to give hope through education to the impoverished children living in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Lief knows firsthand how powerful his work can be and he is aiming to help as many children as possible. In order to make this dream a reality Lief and the rest of the team on his board, including Andrew Rolfe, had to innovate. That brings us to the Ubuntu Model.


The Ubuntu Education Fund has, for years, been raising money in droves in order to help these children get the education that they deserve. Unfortunately Lief realized that they had a problem: the money wasn’t getting where it needed to go. Despite the massive donations the foundation was being hamstrung by various red tape and benefactor requests. While these benefactors may mean well they are really just putting Andrew Rolfe and Jacob Lief at a disadvantage. Having money stuck for earmarked causes when it could be better served elsewhere is just not a recipe for success.


So Andrew Rolfe and the rest of the crew decided to establish the Ubuntu Model. This model focuses on raising money from exclusively high end sources: wealthy benefactors and large foundations. This money has to come with no strings attached and as a result it is able to be spent where it will make the biggest difference. Andrew Rolfe is one of the donors on the Ubuntu Education Fund board and his leadership made this decision all the more possible. We’re eager to see just how things go in the future under the new Ubuntu model.


Andrew Rolfe graduated from St. Edmund Hall, Oxford, with an M.A. as well as from Harvard Business School with his MBA. Rolfe has personally donated over $100,000 to the Ubuntu Education Fund in order to really put his money where his mouth is for the fund.