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Crusading for Clean Water, Felipe Montoro Jens

The GLA met for a fantastic thinktank leadership conference. The establishment was set to talk on the theme of government concessions for improvements to state infrastructure. The Leadership gathering was overflowing with speakers, financial specialists, and fund recipients. Everyone met individuals with similar interests in the public good. Felipe Montoro Jens was very inspired with how the summit was taken care of. He went there to discover great data on the most proficient methods to deal with the commitments made by governments.

As indicated by him, the concessions should be viewed by professional evaluators and government offices. The assets in question should be carefully dispensed to make the most effective use possible. Too often have we heard stories of assets not discovering their way into the circle of activities they were proposed for. Felipe Montoro Jens is a very responsible person in society and wants to prevent this. His history of managing energy, water, and waste infrastructure projects inside Brazil prove his goals to provide individuals with great water to drink.

Some of his achievements include:

o He handled the maintenance of the Santo Antônio hydroelectric plant and earned the contract to construct a system to generate hydroelectricity for the city of São Paulo, Brazil.

  • Director of Concesionaria Trasvase Olmos S.A.

o Trasvase of the Olmos project. He managed the issuance of funds and oversaw the success of water irrigation systems in Brazil.

The most well-known reason for organizations giving resources to state projects is the absence of clean water. The Brazilian government is planning to assist companies who place their resources into the public sphere. This bodes well considering that individuals require water in the event of any natural disaster, sickness, or just plain survival.