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Securus Technologies and Protection From Contraband Devices

Robert Johnson wants to do anything and everything in his power to stop incarcerated individuals from getting cell phone use of any kind. He comes from Delray Beach located in South Florida and used to work as a corrections officer. He believes that giving inmates the opportunity to use cell phones is a major hazard to human beings. Johnson was the victim of an incarcerated individual who had a cell phone in his possession. His aim at the moment is to take action to make sure that people who are in prison are unable to zero in on others.


Johnson had employment at South Carolina’s Lee Correctional Institution back in 2010. He had been working in the corrections world for 15 years at that point. His main responsibility revolved around the confiscation of contraband. He was extremely skilled in his profession. That’s actually the reason it encouraged an inmate to shoot him while he was in the comfort of his own home. Johnson had blocked a sizable package from getting through to an inmate approximately two weeks prior to the incident. It was a contraband package that was thought to be worth roughly $50,000 or so. Johnson was awake and ready to head to his job at about 5:30 A.M. on March 5th in 2010. That’s when he heard an oddly loud sound. He realized without delay that he was most likely in the middle of a questionable situation. He asked the trespasser to head to the hallway to keep him away from his sleeping wife. The man was on the bigger side and forced him back. He noticed a gun and that was the last thing he saw until later when he regained consciousness in his bathroom on the floor. He was shot both in the chest and on the stomach. This occurred six times in total. He believed that he was going to pass away. His wife believed that, too.


Sean Echols was found to be the individual behind the attack. A contraband cell phone was the reason for all of this. That’s how criminals were able to reach Echols in the first place. Johnson has been through 23 surgical procedures throughout the course of seven years. Excessive pain is a constant reality for him.


Securus Technologies is a trusted and established company that focuses on criminal and civil justice technology approaches. It specializes in Wireless Containment Systems that aim to pinpoint and stop all kinds of hazardous and serious incidents. These systems strive to stop incarcerated individuals from being able to use contraband cellphones for all sorts of problematic activities. Securus Technologies is in Dallas in Texas and caters to facilities all throughout the North American continent.