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Coworking Spaces Work


Why People Thrive in Coworking Spaces

There are a lot of ways you can work with other people, but a co-working arrangement can help you in more than one way. You may be wondering what this kind of working space can do to help you, but it can and will when you work with it.

What is a Co-working Space?

A co-working space is a place where creative or business people can work on their own or they can learn from others in the same creative industry. You may find yourself inspired and creating something very new. This space is made up of a large area where you can rent a small work space or you can just be a part of a table of people. This will depend on what you do.

Why use Co-working Spaces?

There are a lot of reasons to use a space like this. The biggest is to give yourself a quiet place to work. You may find your home is too crowded with people wanting you to do things. By going to a space like this, you will save yourself the headache of saying no or missing out on work because you are too busy doing your work.

Another reason you may want to use a co-working space is to help with your creativity. By working in a space with other creative people, you can learn and be inspired by them and the work they are doing. This can help you to free your own mind and create something you would have never done before.

Who Needs These Shared Office Spaces?

A lot of people need these spaces. Workville shared office space NYC is a great option. They offer a lot of ways you can work with others but you can also work on your own to get your work done. Workville has a lot of options for your co-working needs and can help you become more productive.

There are a lot of ways you can make the most out of your working needs. You may find you are becoming more productive and you are happier at the work you are creating. This way you will have more work done and you will be better with it.

You can’t fix a bad online reputation… or can you?

Online Reputation Management & Using The Search Fixers

Having a bad reputation could be costly, and it could be so damaging that it can be difficult to reverse. And as a result, more issues can appear overtime. A good example of this is how United Airlines had to pay around $180 million to undue a bad reputation. For some companies, paying this amount of money would cause bankruptcy easily.

The bad reputation of United Airlines happened after an unfortunate incident with a musician named David Caroll. When he was boarding a flight with them, he noticed that his guitar was slung around in the loading area. Afterwards, he reached out to United Airlines for compensation in guitar repairs, he exhausted all communication lines, and he still wasn’t rightly compensated. So, he created a song about this called “United Breaks Guitars” which became a great hit. As a result, stock fell significantly with United Airlines after the song became a hit over the media. So the bottom line is a bad reputation, whether it’s due to unhappy employees, corporate scandal, or bad customer service, can be very bad for business.

Having unhappy employees can lead to a bad reputation too. For one, no one wants to spend money at a business where it’s apparent an employee doesn’t want to be there. The apparent look on the employee’s face could soar the customer’s shopping/dining experience.

Because of this it’s important to ensure happy employees and customers. With employees, incentive programs should be offered. Also, the manager/owner should talk with the employee to find solutions in making working there more positive for them. And with customers, it’s important to pay more attention to customers so if an unhappy customer is immediately noticed, the manager/owner can resolve the problem as soon as possible, or at least before the customer leaves the business. So rather it’s hearing a negative review of the food if at a restaurant, or the customer dealing with a crying child, for instance, the manager/owner can take measures as soon as possible in making the customer’s experience as pleasant as possible. Another plate of food along with a discount would help, and a coloring book with colors can be given to the child to ease the crying.

These type of tips can be helpful with online reviews as well. Upon observation, responding immediately in making things better would resolve some negative issues. Also, businesses can check their online reputations on a software like to respond accordingly with any bad reviews. Being caring and offering solutions would change negative search results for the better. It’s also a good idea to discuss possible solutions with stakeholders who may have some answers.

About The Search Fixers

Otherwise, hiring professional consultants in reputation management is an excellent choice. The Search Fixers is one of these team of professionals who specialize in the repair of online reputation. Additionally, they are currently offering a 30% discount off the first month of service.

Marc Sparks is an Inspiration for Entrepreneurs All Over the World

Entrepreneurship is a skill most people admire, but few have mastered as well as Marc Sparks, founder and CEO of Timber Creek, LP, a private equity firm dedicated to helping budding entrepreneurs achieve their business dreams.

Sparks is also known for his philanthropy efforts with organizations such as Habitat for Humanity, where he helped to construct affordable housing for families in need. Sparks has been involved with the Samaritan Inn as well, a local homeless shelter, since the beginning of his career. He is also the leader of an inspiring non-profit organization called Sparkey’s Kids that puts laptops in the hands of underprivileged children who couldn’t otherwise afford the technological essential.

With over 30 years of experience as an entrepreneur, Sparks has acquired a large range of talents that is being put to good use by helping those who aspire to change the world with their innovation and business ideas, just like Sparks has done for the last three decades. Timber Creek, LP offers entrepreneurs the funding, office space, equipment, and development needed to be successful in the ever-changing world of business. However, Spark’s ingenuity doesn’t stop there.

The telecommunication industry has also benefited greatly from the skills harnessed by Sparks. He has worked with companies like Splash Media, Blue Jay Wireless, and Cardinal Telecom. Sparks has also experienced success within the real estate, business solutions, and venture investing.

Marc Spark’s portfolio is certainly impressive, with many praise worthy accomplishments under his belt and many more to come in the future. But, even more commendable are his efforts to make communities better by providing people with the resources they desperately need. Sparks has never taken his success for granted, and spreads his good fortune by making the world a happier place wherever, and whenever, he can. For any young entrepreneurs who are finding out what it takes to be successful in the business world, Sparks gives them a role model they can look up to and find guidance for their future business endeavors. Marc can be reached at @msparks5010.