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Beyonce Complaining About Her Name

Beyonce said that her name made her feel uncomfortable. It was not the singer Beyonce, but a teenage girl from New York who complained that her name attracted too much attention. Folks at Anastasia Date ( have learned that her first day of school ended with people singing songs to her and every single person remembering what her name was. And that was the usual way it went, Beyonce the teen said. She considers herself shy and thinks that the name is not really her advantage.

Shared on twitter, the interview with Beyonce received plenty of comments from people with star names. Mary Kate Olsen, Kaity Perry, Jane Bond, Serena Williams- they all exist in duplicates and collect dozens of jokes about their namesakes. Most of the replies are written in a jokingly-complaining tone. Some found it hard to make reservations- because their names were not taken seriously. Others, like Bridgett Jones, started feeling frustrated when constantly asked about their diary.

All the celebrity name bearers have collected a good range of jokes! Of course, having a celebrity name is not the most dreadful! If they happen to meet their namesake’s fans, they have some friends right there.