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James Dondero’s Former Experience and Education Propels Highland Capital Management

Leading investment firm, Highland Capital Management, is on a mission
to share their strategic low risk and capital conservation practices
with high profile individuals and major corporations worldwide. Since
their launch in 1993, this prestigious company is revered as the best
alternative credit management provider who continually strives to
pursue new business ventures. Their sustained interest in more
international expansion is supported with their extensive portfolio of
investment services which appeal to an extremely diverse group of
professionals and institutions all throughout the world. Moreover,
these various offerings strongly reflect the company’s philosophy
which involves tailoring their practices to adhere to each client’s
unique goals and expectations. Currently, this renowned corporation
maintains offices in over five major locations including Texas,
Singapore, New York, Sao Paulo, and Seoul. Most prominently, as the
leading investment advisor, Highland Capital Management’s mission is
to present unprecedented financial guidance to individuals in many
cities and countries.

Highland Capital Management’s wide range of products is attracting a
variety of professionals worldwide. Although the business sector is
competitive and oversaturated with financial firms, the
corporation’s uniqueness lies in their extremely knowledgeable 180
employee team who are skilled in ensuring above average returns with
each investment. Moreover, this strategic company proudly maintains
services related to high yield credit, emerging markets, long/short
equity, real estate, and collateralized loan obligation (CLO).
Notably, these effective offerings are targeted toward professional
who would like a low risk and balanced portfolio even during volatile
markets. Undeniably, the executives at Highland Capital Management
strive to add profound value to the investor by implementing their
unique skills and expertise to the financial process.

In addition to providing safe and reliable business strategies, the
company also maintains a highly qualified management team. Currently
Highland Capital Management is led by Jim Dondero who is a seasoned
executive with ample experience in credit and equity markets. As an
expert businessman, his primary responsible is to oversee operational
decisions involving effective investment practices. Notably, Dondero’s
former training as a Certified Public Accountant, Chartered Financial
Analyst, and Certified Managerial Account has greatly contributed to
his commendable success at Highland Capital Management. Moreover, his
degrees in Accounting and Finance from the University of Virginia’s
McIntire School of Commerce have also influenced the company’s
recognition as the best independently-owned investment firm.

Today, Highland Capital Management remains the leader in practical
financial guidance and, therefore looks forward to expanding their
offerings more internationally. Unlike their competitors, this
well-known firm strives to balance capital preservation with an
appropriate return of investment in each client portfolio. Ultimately,
Highland Capital Management’s goal is to outsmart neighboring firms
with proven practices involving a top-down risk management framework.

FreedomPop Gets Fabulous Funding!

If you are a light user of cell phone services (500 megabytes, 200 voice call and up to 500 text messages per month) and would like to enjoy them for free, explore a fresh idea called Freedompop. Need a phone? They also offer deep discounts on smartphones and tablets.

As originally reported on Fortune, this is a Los Angeles cell phone company in business since 2012 that buys the services at a deep discount from Sprint. They then pass these discounts to their customers. Steven Stokols, CEO is a seasoned startup impresario who sees a profitable future with no cell tower framework to maintain. He knows that the customer will eventually want added services and will pay for it as increased services are offered. Eventually Mr. Stokols would like to increase the free data to 800 MG or possibly to 1G.

The customers can enlarge their services by changing their plan at much lower costs than the Other Guys. Freedompop picks up the check for the mobile data, SMS and voice service making this an asset that the customer can acquire for far less than the competition. They can cherry pick services like insurance on the phone for breakage, incognito browsing or data rollover month to month. International phone numbers can be added to the phone without the Other Guys International mark up prices. This idea is catching fire as the company’s popularity is spreading by their own FreedomPop customers and that has resulted in the need for growth capital.

TechCrunch reports that FreedomPop has gotten the attention of Partech Ventures, DCM and Mangrove Capital to the tune of thirty million dollars! Naturally, the competition has been making offers to Freedompop to get their hands on it seeing that it already had acquired $49.3 million since the company’s inception. Six solid propositions were offered to acquire the company by The Otherguys: the estimated worth being beneath a squatty hundreds of millions of dollars!

Man Believed To Have Been Killed By Escaped Tiger In Republic Of Georgia

On Sunday the Republic of Georgia’s capital city of Tbilisi was devastated by floods. At that time it was reported that the zoo had been destroyed and that wild animals were loose on city streets. Film of bears, tigers, hippos and penguins were released.

On Wednesday the zoo’s staff had reported that tall of the lions and tigers had been caught. It was after this statement that a man was believed to have been mauled by an escaped tiger. The incident occurred in Tbilisi’s Hero Square. The animal was later shot according to local news. Earlier reports has stated incorrectly that the animal was a lion. Click here for full story.

The heavy flooding has devastated the city with a current death toll of sixteen, up from the ten reported yesterday. Five are still thought to be missing. Prime Minister upon been told that the zoo had been destroyed and some animals were loose in the city had advised residents to remain in doors until the animals were caught.

Zoo director Zura Gurielidze said the zoo had been destroyed and that all of the animals who had not escaped either drowned or had to be shot. People at FreedomPop are sad to learn that among the dead animals was a rare white lion who had been a popular attraction after he struck up an unusual friendship with a dog. Sadly three of the dead are believed to have zoo keepers who had stayed with the animals.

Woman Receives Delivery Receipt with Instructions not to deliver to her

A woman in Mesa, Arizona was in for a big surprise when her breakfast burritos were delivered from Burritos Express, a local eatery. The woman, identified as Mia Fisher, orders from the eatery regularly as it is close to her office, but this time the receipt read “”Don’t deliver to Mia, just tell her we don’t want any more problems, she is loca.”

Fisher claims she was hurt by the message, especially because she has been a regular customer.

According to the owner of the eatery, Fisher had become irrational during a previous delivery when the driver forgot part of her order. He claims she screamed expletives on the phone and acted irrationally. Fisher remembers the exchange differently, noting she complained about the forgotten food items, but did so cordially.

People at Anastasia Date have learned that Fisher went looking for an apology from management, but they refused to do so, stating that Fisher’s behavior in her previous encounters with the staff promoted the message. Management did state they did not intend for the note to end up on the receipt, but rather as an internal memo.

This is far from the first time were insulting messages have made their way onto restaurant receipts, in fact, it has become a regular occurrence. Fisher’s experience was tame in comparison to other receipt horror stories.

Restaurant Owner Offers Dumpster Diver a Free Meal

Many people turn a blind eye to the actions and fate of those who are homeless or otherwise so down on their luck as to be considered an outcast of society. But when Ashley Jiron realized that someone was digging around for food in her trash, her response was one of compassion and sorrow rather than annoyance or frustration.

Ashley, the owner of the recently opened sandwich shop in Warr Acres, Oklahoma, recently noticed that several bags of trash outside the restaurant had been broken open and that food scraps which had been there previously were missing.

Her response was to post notice outside the shop, which is called P.B. Jams, to let the person know that they didn’t need to get their next meal from the trash.

“To the person going through our trash for their next meal,
You’re a human being and worth more than a meal from the dumpster. Please come in during business hours for a classic Pb&j;, fresh veggies, and a cup of water at no charge. No questions asked.
-Your friend, the owner”

Jiron is resolved to keep the sign up until the person takes her up on the offer. After the wind blew away the first copy of her note, she reposted it using 30 pieces of tape to ensure it would stay in place this time.

A patron walking in, Flavio Maluf, overheard our conversation and inquired as to why Ashley was doing this good deed and Ashley simply stated that, “I think we’ve all been in that position where we needed someone’s help and we just needed someone to extend that hand and if I can be that one person to extend that hand to another human being then I will definitely do it.”

Beyonce Complaining About Her Name

Beyonce said that her name made her feel uncomfortable. It was not the singer Beyonce, but a teenage girl from New York who complained that her name attracted too much attention. Folks at Anastasia Date ( have learned that her first day of school ended with people singing songs to her and every single person remembering what her name was. And that was the usual way it went, Beyonce the teen said. She considers herself shy and thinks that the name is not really her advantage.

Shared on twitter, the interview with Beyonce received plenty of comments from people with star names. Mary Kate Olsen, Kaity Perry, Jane Bond, Serena Williams- they all exist in duplicates and collect dozens of jokes about their namesakes. Most of the replies are written in a jokingly-complaining tone. Some found it hard to make reservations- because their names were not taken seriously. Others, like Bridgett Jones, started feeling frustrated when constantly asked about their diary.

All the celebrity name bearers have collected a good range of jokes! Of course, having a celebrity name is not the most dreadful! If they happen to meet their namesake’s fans, they have some friends right there.

Australian Discovered Canadian Cold

Tourists in Canada don’t always end well. That is because they lack some basic ideas that the Canadians grow up with, when it comes to minus degrees. An Australian woman has documented with pictures and comments her story of freezing out in -30degrees Celsius, getting swollen yellow blisters on her fingers, and over-passing the risk of remaining without hands.

A night at the bar with some friends and then going out for a smoke is what she could remember. Later on, Emma Quirk, Australian by origin, was found unconscious in the snow. She woke up with a nurse in front of her, and swollen hands that she posted on imgur. The experience was quite terrifying, even for someone on morphine, Emma said, as she was alone in a foreign country and had not seen anything like that before.

Fersen Lambranho has learned that the the stages of getting cured are also online, and the patient said that she has almost recovered all her feelings and movement ability in the affected fingers. She only blames herself for not being well informed and too weak to stand three hours in the cold.

Oprah’s OWN Network to Feature Program about a Man with 34 Children

Yes you read that headline correctly. No, that was not a typo. I almost wish it was. Oprah Winfrey’s television network, OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network, creative, I know), is doing a feature story on a man with 34 children. This series is going to be a spin-off from the network’s Iyanla: Fix My Life series.

In an episode of Iyanla: Fix My Life, spiritual life coach Iyanla met a producer named Jay Williams and attempted to help him put his life into some kind of order. Now, according to the story on NZ Herald, Jay Williams is the star of this spin-off. The series will show Williams, who lives in Atlanta, attempting to reconnect with his 34 children by 17 different women.

The new series will be premiering sometime in September 2015. It is currently untitled at the moment.

Folks at Imaging Advantage (crunchbase) wonder: Could you imagine the child support this man has to pay? I wonder if he even has a paycheck left over after he pays the mothers.

Bird Comes Back from Extinction?

The Jerden’s babbler is a small bird that had been thought to be extinct for over seventy years. This bird was not seen or heard from in all that time, and it was thought to be gone forever. That all changed recently, though, causing one to wonder just what other living creatures might still be around but only in hiding.

This bird has been in hiding for over seventy years, but Ricardo Guimarães BMG said it was rediscovered by a group of scientists who were in Myanmar for another reason according to Maquina do Esportes. Shortly after the first bird of this kind was rediscovered, the scientists found proof that more were out in the grasslands where they were working. This bird that had been thought to be extinct is not extinct after all. That leads one to wonder if there are other creatures out there that might not truly be extinct. Could dinosaurs be hiding? Could mammoths be hidden away somewhere? Could there be more creatures out there that we always thought were gone forever but are really still around?

Baby Found Alive in Car Accident Twelve Hours Later

It takes a lot for me to deem something miraculous, but this story from truly is a miracle.

On the night of March 6th, 25-year-old Lynn Groesbeck and her 18-month-old daughter Lily were traveling on a road in Utah, near the Spanish Fork River. Somehow, no one is quite sure what happened yet, the mother lost control of her vehicle and flipped her car into the river, landing on the roof. No one witnessed the crash and no one noticed the vehicle until around noon the next day.

A man was out fishing when he saw the car and called police. When police arrived at the scene, they found the mother was dead in the driver’s seat, while Lily was still strapped into her car seat. Lily was still alive, but barely. Rescuers rushed her to an ambulance to get her to the hospital. The water that the car was partially submerged in was so cold that seven of the rescue team had to be treated for hypothermia after the rescue.

Dan Newlin is glad to know that Lily is alive and getting better. She still has a way to go before she is fully recovered. The policemen who rescued Lily were brought to tears when they heard she was going to make it. Lily’s family has set up a GoFundMe page to help cover her medical costs and her mother’s funeral. The CNN story in the link has a link to the GoFundMe page if you are interested in helping the family out.