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Fortress Investment Group Shows its Core Competencies to the Industry

Every organization has the unique core competencies that enable it to distinguish itself from the other players in the industry that it operates. This is not different for the Investment and finance sector which has been crowded with a lot of companies that competing in aspect to survive and if possible, dominate the market. With this in mind, the top management of Fortress Investment Group has designed the company in a way that it remains unique in some way in the industry and that clients get some outstanding services that they might not get from other similar organizations in the market. This has put Fortress at a very competitive edge in the industry and at a position where investors prefer their wealth management services to all the others in the industry.

Among the core principles that lead to this customer preference for Fortress Investment Group by the clients is its effective management of operations. Due to the complex nature of its investment strategies, the organization, has recently designed some robust tools that are capable of monitoring the operations and movements of the market trends and the performance of their investments which it manages on behalf of its clients. These tools have been excellent at monitoring the operational, strategic, and management facts on the ground to ensure that all the factors that could adversely affect investments are properly and timely managed. This process is not purely machine-based, it has been through a combination of artificial intelligence with some professional labor in which Fortress Investment Group has heavily invested.

Another strength that has tremendously contributed to the successful growth of Fortress Investment Group is its special expertise in the effective management of mergers and acquisitions. The organization has heavily invested in employee training whereby the staff and personnel of the firm are trained on the most effective methods of establishing and managing professional business relationships with other organizations. As a result, Fortress has had a very easy time entering business engagements with other organizations in which it’s able to leverage their goodwill. An ideal example is the recent acquisition of Fortress Group by a Japanese International organization, SoftBank.

James Dondero Explains Why His Company Is Investing In Argentina

James Dondero is a successful Dallas area businessman. He co-founded Highland Capital Management in the early 1990s and is this financial organization’s president. He has lately been saying that he is focusing on Argentina as an investment opportunity for a number of different reasons. He says this nation is different than the rest of Latin America which has had problems for generations. Visit to know more about James.

Most of Latin America has featured things such as rampant inflation, vast corruption, and currencies which have been pretty unstable. James Dondero points to Brazil where there has been a number of corruption scandals involving even the highest levels of government. He says Venezuela is also a problem, where they have experienced hyperinflation for a number of decades.

Argentina, though, is different he says. His company operates satellite offices in Latin America who focus on investment opportunities in that region of the world. James Dondero says right now his company’s offices in both Buenos Aires and Sao Paulo are finding good investments in Argentina which now has the third largest economy in South America. They also have access to a lot of natural resources and a populace which is well-educated. Economic growth in the past has been stymied by a far-left populist government but it is now turning towards more responsible government. Visit to know more about James Dondero.

James Dondero says that Argentina’s new President Mauricio Macri comes from a party just to the right of center. He has been working ever since he was elected a few years ago to turn around old populist policies that were dragging down that nation’s economy. He has put in place new policies which are market-oriented. He has also increased Argentina’s energy tariffs as well as currency controls. The result has been more investment in that nation and Argentina rejoining global capital markets.

In order for Argentina to grow the government there recognizes it will take foreign capital. Highland Capital Management was one of the first foreign companies to start investing in Argentina and they have had some really great returns on this so far. James Dondero says that Argentina will continue to be a really good place to invest for at least the next two to three years.