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Igor Cornelsen Offers Investment Tips to Prospective Investors

Investment is the backbone of every economy. Investment controls money circulation in a state, country and the world. Although it sounds fun and exciting, the docket comes with a lot of challenges to many people. Be it a beginner or a mogul in investment, an individual requires insight from well to do investors who have extensive experience in the field. One such person who can be termed as an investment mogul is Igor Cornelsen. The retired banker made a name for himself in Brazil through offering investment tips to the young and the older generation.



Investment Tips



To Igor there is never a time too early to save money and other resources. Every day is a saving day. He currently works at Bainbridge Group. He is a consultant in the market of stock and foreign exchange. Igor has an extensive experience in banking, consultation, and investment because initially, he worked in high profile institutions and he was in charge of executive positions. He is therefore in a good place to offer investment advice given his expertise. According to Igor, an investor should never lose money.



Diversified Portfolio



Investment is a risky venture, and an individual must be careful with what the docket holds before spending money on it. Igor advises investors to weigh the available options before investing. If the ventures are risky and indicate tale tales of money loss, an individual should withdraw immediately. Another tip Igor Cornelsen gives to prospective investors is having a diversified portfolio. With a diversified portfolio, an individual is sure of spreading the risks to various investment channels. With market commodities being risky ventures, it is vital for investors to put money in more than one docket. This gives an individual the chance to reap benefits in different slots of investment. As a result, even if one market is lost, another market still exists.



Igor’s Profile



Igor Cornelsen is a great investment banker. He comes from Brazil and commits to offering successful investment tips to senior and junior investors. Currently, he works at Bainbridge Group. His services extend to high profile investors. He can be trusted to predict the future of market commodities regarding investment.



Martin Lustgarten and Further Selling Tricks

You want to make a high profit on your good or service. The cleverest businesses take something very unpopular and make it very popular. The best business is a function that converts the input (unpopularity) into the output (popularity). The trick is in knowing how to do this properly.

Make a list of the things that are unpopular with most people. Warren Buffett identifies this as the foundation of his investment success. Examples might be pain, working, outdoors, fasting, selling, saving, deep thinking, religion, math, science, foreign languages, moving frequently, black races, brown races, volunteering, studying for long hours, and obeying. All of these things should be what you invest in. You will face little competition for buying these sorts of things. An example is businesses that outsource their manufacturing to China. Brown people who speak a strange language are not as popular because of unconscious biases that many investors still have. Steve Jobs and Apple profited greatly from exploiting those biases.

The next step is to figure out what people are desperately craving. This is what you should turn your investment into using your business model. Pleasure, leisure, indoors, eating, buying, debt, shallow talking, irreligion, art, philosophy, familiar languages, not moving, white race, getting paid, not studying, and rebelling. All of these things are what you should be selling if you want to profit. How do you turn something unpopular into something popular? It requires clever marketing and business methods.

Steve Jobs saw that Chinese people are unpopular. He knew the biases that American electronics manufacturers had about outsourcing work. He exploited it, and had the Taiwanese company Foxconn build little shiny computers that Americans would be obsessively addicted to. The next thing is history. The Apple iPhone turned Apple into one of the world’s largest companies.

Martin Lustgarten likes to apply economics to solve problems. He likes sharing investment tools from the best and brightest in the industry with his clients. If you want to profit, Martin is the one to contact.

Martin Lustgarten can be reached at his Linked In account. He looks forward to hearing from you.