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Jamie Lee Curtis Waits for Michael Myers Again

Nothing should really prove shocking in the world of the film industry. Jamie Lee Curtis‘ return to the Halloween franchise, however, can be deemed somewhat shocking. Normally, careers launched from debuts in low-budget horror movies lead to the stars never returning to the dark genre. Curtis, however, proved to be an exception to this unofficial rule. She starred in the massive hit Halloween: H2O and then briefly returned in the next film in the series in a cameo.

Few expected her to accept a starring role in the Blumhouse reboot/sequel. She did thought. Curtis seems to be interested relaunching her career, a storied career, by returning to the horror genre. Obviously, Curtis’ featured appearance in the Scream Queens television series proves she’s not shy about embracing her horror roots.

The new film, Halloween 2018, is akin to a remake of H20. In the Blumhouse reimagining, , Curtis’ character of Laurie Strode waits for the return of Michael Myers. The feature is a direct sequel to the original film and wipes away all previous continuity. Laurie now becomes a character suffering from posttraumatic stress disorder as she’s been awaiting the return of her evil brother every Halloween. This time, he really does come home.

Overall, the Halloween franchise have done incredibly well at the box office. The return of Jamie Lee Curtis to the series should stimulate fan interest. Her recent role and accompanying high-profile on television may help attract a new audience to join the old fans in watching Halloween horror unfold one more time.