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Celebrity Producer Jerry Bruckheimer Contemplates a Top Gun Sequel

Entertainment mogul Jerry Bruckheimer has developed several successful film and television franchises during his career. His hits include the Pirates of the Caribbean series and a bevy of CSI television shows. He made his interest in producing a sequel to the movie Top Gun(1986) public last year during a Tweet.


The BBC reported this week actor Tom Cruise has confirmed he does plan on appearing in a sequel to the hit film. Jerry Bruckheimer produced the movie with Paramount Pictures several decades ago. The original film centered on the exploits of a top navy jet fighter pilot. During an interview in Australia, Tom Cruise suggested filming on a sequel would likely begin within the year.


As a major Hollywood investor and producer, Jerry Bruckheimer has helped fill the entertainment rosters of many of the leading broadcast and cinema companies in recent years. He has cooperated with other production companies on many ventures, frequently working with Paramount Pictures, Disney or Touchstone Pictures.


He acquired the nickname “Mr. Blockbuster” for producing well over 40 major feature films. Forbes a few years ago ranked the Hollywood producer, now in his early 70s, as the 12th wealthiest power broker in Hollywood.


For instance, in 2015, Jerry Bruckheimer reportedly possessed a net worth estimated at around $900 million. In addition to several dramatic film and TV franchises, he also helped create the long running television reality game series, The Amazing Race.