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Jhene Showers a Doll

So, last week, stories started popping up about Jhene Aiko and her alleged breakup with Big Sean. This article is a good synopsis of the ticktock.

Big Sean is the rapper (of mid-level fame) in Rocket Mortgage’s Super Bowl Ad. He is gaining fans by the day. For her part, Aiko is a talented artist. She sings very mesmerizing ballads about relationships, heartbreaks, and breakups.

The Joe Budden Podcast (JBP) – with its nearly quarter of a million subscribers – remarked on the entire breakup rumor (at 15:32 into the video), adding a particularly juicy piece of speculation to the mix: is Aiko showering enough to maintain healthy relationships? Apparently, Jhene said that she does not shower everyday.

The whole shower discussion started on another podcast-type show, this time back in 2014 when Aiko interviewed on The Breakfast Club.

After Budden reminded his co-hosts of the interview and its contents, the speculation was clear: Aiko’s showering regime, or lack thereof, is prompting all of her breakups, which,in turn, prompts all of her heartbreaking themed music. Sad.

It is just a sad commentary. The implication is that Aiko is such a good looking woman that there must be something wrong with her that the eyes cannot see. The fans and media are missing something because why would anyone cheat on Aiko?

After listing a number of soaps, lotions, potions and creams, Budden and his cohorts then move describe Nicole Scherzinger – the woman alleged to have cheated with Big Sean. Scherzinger is one of the Pussycat Dolls. The Buddens remark and claim that Big Sean clearly cheated because the Doll is, without question, fine.