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Funnyman Jim Carrey Paints New Bloody Portrait Of NRA As ‘National Disgrace’

This time, his bullseye is on the NRA (National Rifle Association) and its new president, Oliver North, reported the HuffPost on Tuesday. He shared the caustic painting with his social media fans on Twitter. His artwork and political activism have made him quite popular there with more than 18.5 million followers and on the rise. Check out his rendering of North and the NRA here.

Carrey refers to the NRA as a “national disgrace,” and his new painting depicts Oliver North with a large snake coiled about his neck and chest. Above the portrait are the large initials of the NRA in dripping blood. The comedian-turned-political artist calls greed the venom that is killing America and suggested that the NRA organization is full of sadists and scoundrels. So far, the painting has received some 60,000 “likes” on Twitter.

Carrey didn’t stop there; he also unleashed a blistering portrait of President Trump’s new personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani. He pokes fun at Giuliani’s teeth, saying the former New York City mayor only bothered to bleach his upper teeth. The painting depicts that Carrey observation.

The funnyman with the sarcastic stroke of the paintbrush also rendered a portrait of Vice President Mike Pence. He refers to Pence as “Psycho Mike-O.”

Carrey seems to have retired from Hollywood to concentrate on his painting.

Jim Carrey Paints Extremely Unflattering Portrait Of Trump Lawyer Cohen

Jim Carrey is known to most people as a great comedian and actor, but these days, the title of artist would aptly apply.

The funnyman has been turning out nasty portrait after nasty portrait of President Trump, members of the administration, and his newest masterpiece, that of Trump’s personal attorney Michael Cohen.

Carrey enjoys displaying his work on social media sites like his verified Twitter account.

The painting follows Carrey’s signature pop style art; it’s full of vibrant color, and one expert called Carrey’s work a cross between a Warhol and a Matisse. In other words, a lot of people say that the comedian-turned-artist is actually quite talented.

The Huffington Post reported that Carrey’s portrait of Attorney Michael Cohen is titled “Auto-moronic ASSphyxiation. ;^P.” The political painting shows a green-faced Cohen with vulgar text around the portrait image. The words go back to a threat Cohen made to the media in 2015. In part, Cohen allegedly said he would do something “f***ing disgusting” to them if the media did not tread lightly.

Meantime, Attorney Cohen is in hot water as a federal probe continues following a recent FBI raid at his law office. Investigators are looking at records related to a $130,000 payment Cohen made to porn star Stormy Daniels. The hush money was given to keep her silent about her alleged affair with Donald Trump.

Jim Carrey also recently tweeted a portrait of FOX-News TV host Sean Hannity in the image of a manatee.

Jim Carrey Picks Up Paintbrush Again To Defame President Trump And His Medical Report

Funnyman Jim Carrey is obsessed with painting and political commentary these days, and his artwork speaks volumes.

Once again, the comedic actor-turned artist has been busy putting his thoughts and talent on to the canvas. His frequent target is President Trump, and on Wednesday, Carrey shared a new piece with the world, according to a report by the Huff Post.

The painting depicts Donald Trump barechested and standing behind his former personal physician Dr. Harold Bornstein as he dictates to the doctor a glowing report on his physical health.

The piece is titled “Hippocratic Oaf,” and social media can’t get enough of the painting. Check it out here.

Carrey includes text with the painting as Trump allegedly dictates to the typing Dr. Bornstein what to place in the medical report. Phrases like “extraordinary stamina and urine sample delicious” are used.

Bornstein is no longer Trump’s personal physician after the doctor claims the president sent his bodyguard and two other Trump aides to raid the office and take all of Trump’s medical records on February 3, 2017.

Apparently, the president was angry that Dr. Bornstein told the media that he had prescribed a hair growth medicine for Trump for years.

Bornstein recently told the media that he felt like he had been raped after the surprise raid.

President Trump has had no comment about the alleged possession of the original and only copy of his charts and lab reports. However, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders claims the procurement of Trump’s records was not conducted as a raid and that the transfer to the White House was the standard and normal procedure for any new president.

Dr. Bornstein says that he was never given the HIPAA release form, so it’s a violation of patient privacy law.