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Joanna Gaines Is Not Leaving “Fixer Upper”

It’s been a busy year with TLC’s hit show Fixer Upper. Not only is the Magnolia brand booming, but they are also chasing the rumor mill too. The latest rumor to hit the press is that Joanna Gaines is leaving the show. Gaines took to the message boards to calm the viewer’s minds. She encouraged everyone not to believe what they read in the tabloids.


Gaines is not leaving the show. She wanted to encourage her fans to look for official announcements instead of hopping on the gossip train. The Gaines’ careers are moving at the speed of light. They are so busy that they admit it is hard to keep their parents in the loop of what is going on.


Just last week, the message boards and social media were lit up with a story that Joanna was expecting her fifth baby. Those rumors were also false. She cautioned readers to stay away from these big stories. She said, if there is something big to report, they will put it on their site first. While a fifth baby would be a welcomed blessing, there is just no time right now in their schedules.


They are currently filming season five of their show and enjoying all the fame and publicity that comes with it. They know that it is just here for a season. Right now, the Gaines are focused on their career. Another child could change their time schedule and their official celebrity status. For now, they love their home flipping business in Waco, Texas.