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Joe Jonas Reveals Personal Information on Reddit Interview

Singer Joe Jonas recently participated in a question and answer style interview on the popular social site Reddit called an AMA which stands for Ask Me Anything. Users are encouraged to post questions to the celebrity guest and the guest gets to choose what they answer. An article posted on the Daily Mail has pulled out some of the juicier bits from Jonas’s AMA.


In answering fan questions, 27-year-old Jonas admitted to having two celebrity man crushes- one on current Bond actor Daniel Craig and the other on Matthew McConaughey. He said that throughout his life he has had several birthday cakes that have featured Daniel Craig on them. One of them featured the iconic photo of Craig coming out of the water in the film “Casino Royale”. Of his crush on McConaughey, Jonas called him “the man”. More recently he has added Ken Bone to his list of man crushes, pending who he votes for of course.


In a juicier bit of his AMA, Jonas answered questions about his sexual past. He shared that he lost his virginity to a “girl named Ashley”. As quick Google search, or any Joe Jonas fan, can tell you that in 2010 he was dating “Twilight” star Ashley Greene. He went on to say that at the time it was his first real relationship at 20-years-old. He was living with band mate Jack at the time and ransacked his room to find a condom. When he got home and found his room demolished, he thought he had been robbed.