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Joss Whedon’s Celebrity Packed PSA And The Effect It May Have

Director Joss Whedon has assembled a spectacular cast of celebrities to urge you to vote. The three-minute video features dreamy music as an ensemble of Hollywood superstars pleads with you to register to vote. The video goes through the regular pleas, that your voice is important even though you may not think so, and that voting is the most fundamental of American rights that needs to be exercised. But then it takes a turn.

Celebrities like Robert Downey Jr and Don Cheadle start saying that you shouldn’t vote for an abusive racist who may tear apart the fabric of our society. They never mention him by name, but it is clear that the celebrities are talking about Donald Trump.

The video is well made and features non-famous people for their unscripted sincerity. They all plead for you not to vote for Donald Trump. Unfortunately for the actors, non-famous people and the director, the video may backfire, according to political experts.

Trump is running as a populist, a man fighting for the people. Voters are gravitating toward Trump because of his rhetoric about a rigged economy and the commercial may be seen as a bunch of millionaire actors trying to protect the status quo.

No matter what the effect of the video will be, it is hilarious. The video claims that if Trump is defeated, Mark Ruffalo will do a nude scene in his next movie.