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Why Justin Bieber Is Wearing a Wig and Mustache in Amsterdam

There is no argument offered against the fact that Justin Bieber has really grown up over the years, but that does not change the reality that he is still pretty goofy. Additionally, being a celebrity is tough. Sure, the fame and the millions are awfully great, but being unable to go anywhere without being recognized and harassed must get pretty old, right? Well, the Biebs combined his zany personality with his eagerness to get some privacy while in Amsterdam early October 2016, but it really did not work out too well.


After being spotted more than once by people who were camera-happy, Bieber ducked into a fancy dress shop in Amsterdam. When he left the shop, he was wearing an awful wig and a dark, crooked mustache and beard in the hopes to disguise himself just a tad better. Needless to say, the phony get up did not work and people still noticed him. Whereas in years prior he may have said some questionable words, thrown a few things, and basically ruined his musical career, he enjoyed the laughter with fans and photographers. In fact, he even posed for a picture with a girl who was more than fangirling over this epic moment. Great job, Justin–you have finally grown up!


Aside from some entertainment, what can be taken away from this moment is that celebrities are people, too. Despite their questionable actions at times, they need privacy and a few moments to be pretty silly.

Justin Bieber Drama Surfaces Again, Nobody Is Surprised

As if people could not be obsessed with celebrities even more, a platform such as Instagram had to be created so that people could see photos of their favorite stars the second they are uploaded. Sure, this is bad for magazines and other news sources, but it is perfect for the zealous fan. Of course, Instagram is not always glamorous and some stars get into more trouble on there than they do in real life.

Justin Bieber is no stranger to negative attention, but he just could not handle it this time around. After posting a picture of him and his supposed new girlfriend, Sofia Richie, he received a ton of backlash that might have left him feeling like One Less Lonely Girl, or boy, in this case. As a result, he deleted his account, but mysteriously came back soon after.

Fans were quick to celebrate his return with welcoming memes, posts of excitement, and even videos of them screaming. His first post back was a blank photo, one that received over thirty thousand likes. If that was not strange enough, he posted eight other blank pictures, leaving the total at nine before fans began to draw conclusions. Assuming that he was trying to leave space between his other photos and his new ones as a way to implement a fresh start, Bieber put fans in their place by saying, “Still no Instagram. It was an accident.” Naturally, the tears of his fans began to flow and Justin Bieber huffed and puffed and took his handsome self elsewhere to avoid the spotlight for just a little bit.