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Kaley Cuoco Opens Up About Marriage

Kaley Cuoco has explained that her ex-husband completely ruined the concept of marriage. The “Big Band Theory” star has stated that she was eager about marriage and optimistic about love. The short marriage ended, however, because Kaley said that her ex-husband changed completely.

Many of the fans of the beautiful young star were surprised to learn that the marriage was over so soon. She stated that he changed, and that ultimately changed her perception about the marriage. Many celebrities that marry once never bother to go down that road again. It is possible that Kaley Cuoco may be one of these women. She has not been anywhere near close to getting to the alter after the first marriage. It is very possible that the married life, after such a big change from her ex, may have made her change her mind about marriage altogether.

Kaley Cuoco seems to be someone that is finally ready to open up about the marriage. In the beginning she was uninterested in entertaining any questions, but she feels like there is a lot more for her to say now that she has had time to heal. This could even be a warning sign for all of those Kaley Cuoco fans that are also looking at marriage in the future. It can serve as a warning because this was short engagement that was proceeded with a wedding. It is very difficult to become intertwined with someone in a short time frame and have a successful marriage.