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Kanye West Debuts Lots Of New Yeezy Sneakers On Social Media

It isn’t easy being Yeezy when you go from hip-hop royalty to designing footwear. Kanye West’s latest Yeezy sneakers were making their debut on his personal Twitter page on Friday, and some folks don’t know what to make of the unique-looking trainers that have not been released yet.

A few have said the Yeezy slides, for instance, look like blue shark gummies, and others have quipped that the bulky footwear resembles Legos.

Kanye West has made his recent return to social media, breaking his longterm absence from sites like Twitter. Now, Yeezy is happy to return with thoughts of wisdom and his flair for fashion and brand building as reported in Huff Post Celebrity.

West has been using Twitter to tease his fans (more than 10.7 million) about his upcoming Yeezy season of fashion and hints of a new album or two possibly dropping in June and a coffee table book coming out in the same month. The rap star has also tweeted various sample fabrics photos and the interior of his Yeezy design showroom.

Yeezy’s stylish wife Kim Kardashian West likes premiering the latest Yeezy fashion and footwear, and his new Track Pant Boots are certainly one of a kind. The boots are worn with track pants tucked in and rise to just below knee-level.

Kim KW would look amazing modeling this edgy new footwear.

Stay tuned, Kanye West fans; the designer has developed an Adidas Yeezy basketball shoe in a high-top sneaker.

Kanye West Doubles Down

Rap mogul Kanye West has doubled down on his comments supporting President Trump but some feel his latest comments may have crossed the line. In a sit-down interview with TMZ, West went as far as to say that African Americans during the slavery years made a “choice” to be slaves. This shocked the entertainment world but Kanye did not back down from the statements he made.

Also in that interview, West also went on a rant about how he first visited Donald Trump after the election. West said that he had been addicted to opioids during that time period but he did not elaborate on why he continues to support the President. He then got into an argument with a TMZ staffer who spoke up about his insensitive comments. Then Kanye went over and gave the staffer an awkward hug but not before asking the man if he planned on beating him up.

This morning on talk shows and newscasts across the country led with this story as many other musical artists and celebrities slammed West’s comments. R & B artist Chris Brown went as far as to call Kanye a “clown” and rapper called his remarks “ignorant.” Even his own wife, Kim Kardashian West said that she is “absolutely worried” about her husband but has no plans to leave his side and will fight with him, not against him.

Kanye West Pens Philosophy Book on Twitter

It’s been a long time since the public has heard from rapper Kanye West, but that has all changed within the past week or so. After a triumphant return to Twitter, the megastar revealed that his new album with Kid Cudi will debut on June 8. In addition, he also mentioned that he is now crafting a book on philosophy—on Twitter. Although many of his critics may scoff at this news, Yeezy’s tweets thus far have been introspective and fascinating, focusing on his life as an artist. Dispensing advice for his followers, such as advising them to eschew the idea of constantly being in competition, West seems to have struck a nerve with many. Indeed, his quotes are racking up a record amount of likes and retweets.

He said that the reason he is putting the book up on Twitter is that he does not want to be constrained by the ideas of publishers and others who could aim to dilute his message or alter it. Claiming that he does not see this book as a financial venture, West has now opined on everything from time theory to borrowing nuggets from other artists in order to create something new. For those who have put West in the “rant” category, these new tweets showcase a much different, more enlightened side of the 40-year-old rapper and father of three.

Kanye West and Donald Trump Meet

Donald Trump doesn’t have a lot of supporters in Hollywood, but one celebrity has been supporting the President-Elect for a long time. Rapper Kanye West, famous for his support of Beyonce and criticisms of President Bush, recently  visited Trump Tower  to meet Trump in person. The two posed for pictures in the lobby and refused to answer any questions, with Kanye stating he just wanted to take a picture. Trump and West then headed upstairs for a meeting that included Ivanka Trump.


Sources close to the President-Elect have stated that West is not being considered for a role in the administration. He was in New York City to look for a new apartment and further his entertainment career. West did not mention his statement that he would be running for president in 2020.


West was hospitalized last month during a concert. His wife, Kim Kardashian, was robbed recently, and his mother’s anniversary falls in December. West spent nine days in the hospital being treated for exhaustion before his release. The remainder of his tour was cancelled, and tickets were fully refunded.


Both West and Trump are known for their controversial, headline-grabbing statements. The two seem to admire each other, with Trump referring to Kanye as a long-time friend. In 2015, West attended a Hillary Clinton fundraiser with his wife, who has not commented on the election results.