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Clinton Supporter Katy Perry Donates Money to Abortion Provider

After her candidate’s stinging election night loss, celebrity Katy Perry made a big public donation to Planned Parenthood, one of the nation’s largest abortion providers. Describing the organization as “a haven” for women to discover “all options” for their lives, the pop star and prominent Hillary Clinton supporter made a generous donation of $10,000.


The 32-year old singer described her naivety and confusion as a teenager about her sexual functioning. She credits Planned Parenthood with enlightening her. After donating the check, Katy Perry reportedly indicated on Instagram that as a teen she had “no idea” about her body and “how things worked down there”.


Katy Perry campaigned hard during the 2016 presidential race to encourage the public to vote for Mrs. Clinton. She appeared on stage with the Democratic candidate during a gala event on November 5, 2016. Now she wants to inspire people to make donations to the abortion provider, Planned Parenthood, in the wake of Hillary Clinton’s defeat and President-elect Trump’s threat to defund the organization.


A reporting group opposing abortions in the United States recently claimed that during 2015 the number of Planned Parenthood centers in the USA dropped significantly, even as the number of the organization’s sites furnishing medication-induced abortions actually increased. Today, Planned Parenthood accounts for 90% of all medication-induced abortions, although the organization claims only 3% of its business activity involves terminating pregnancies.


Since its opening, Planned Parenthood has performed over 6,803,728 abortions. It significantly reduced projected population growth in the United States.