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What’s Kelly Clarkson Been Up to?

Kelly Clarkson: A name everybody knows, but that they have not brushed up on in a while. For over a decade, Kelly has been a household name and one of America’s sweethearts. From her killer voice to her incredible views on life and body image, Miss Independent has changed over the years, but not for the worst. Recently, Clarkson wrote a children’s book, an action that was more than deserving of an interview and information you never knew you needed to know about this icon.


Why Did She Write a Kid’s Book?


Truthfully, Clarkson did not want to write a children’s book. These are stories that she has told her children, specifically her daughter, River Rose. When adults listened closely to the stories, they told Kelly she should write a book because they were so good.


What Was Her Favorite Book as a Child?


Matilda because she said it changed her life.


What Adult Stories Does She Like?


She is a huge Game of Thrones fan, believe it or not. When asked who her favorite character is, she proudly stated the Dragon Queen, Daenerys.


What Does She Watch on Television?


After a bit of a chuckle, Clarkson stated that she has four children and no time to watch TV.


How Does She Balance Fame with Motherhood?


Quite honestly, Kelly does not care about being famous and she proudly admits that.


Would She Ever Perform on Broadway?


With pride and excitement in her eyes, she swooned at the thought of the opportunity to do so.