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Cone Marshall Representatives Discuss Charitable Giving In Estate Planning

The recent election of the new President of the United States has had a remarkable effect on world government systems. On election night, countries around the world filled television station networks with a non-stop streaming of live coverage of the results. Now that America has elected a new president, many countries are attempting to gauge the potential effects of a new American president on the global economy. New Zealand government officials, in particular, have spent a great deal of effort determining the appropriate response to the changing American system. In an effort to secure New Zealand’s economic status and global government standing, representatives from Cone Marshall recommended that citizens who earn an income that is above the average household income consider making an investment in charitable giving causes. Geoffrey Cone, Cone Marshall’s founding partner and CEO, has recently stated that an increase in charitable giving will allow New Zealand citizens to establish a secure economy, build important connections with powerful nations, and reduce the country’s overall debt levels.


Establishment of a Secure Economy

Because Cone Marshall is New Zealand’s most prominent and successful law firm and offers legal assistance to thousands of customers each year, the company’s stance on economic measures is highly regarded by New Zealand’s citizens and government. Representatives from Cone Marshall believe that an increase in the country’s charitable donations will help to stabilize the economy by allowing businesses and government services to operate without undue financial burden. Cone Marshall attorneys have offered to assist families who wish to make charitable donations to determine which organization would benefit most from a donation. Cone Marshall attorneys will also assist New Zealand families with the tax write-offs that accompany charitable donations. Cone Marshall representatives believe that these techniques will prompt families to increase donation amounts.


Building Important Connections With Powerful Nations and Reduction of Debt

Cone Marshall representatives also believe that an increase in charitable giving by New Zealand citizens will impact the country’s relations with other nations. An increase in charitable donations among New Zealand citizens will effect business growth and government programs in a positive way. Business and government, in turn, will effect global relations due to the stabilization of the nation’s economy. Cone Marshall attorneys hope that an increase in charitable giving will stabilize the New Zealand economy in such a way that it is no longer dependent on the changing government systems of other nations. Attorneys at Cone Marshall also emphasized the fact that the positive impact of charitable giving would drastically reduce the nation’s debt.


Police Officer Buys Car Seat- Restores Hope

Police in many communities have taken a bum rap, but the residents living in Emmett Township, Michigan, can be very proud of their officers. While on routine duty, an officer received a call from the local McDonald’s about a child who was not fastened into a car seat. He responded to the call and discovered Alexis DeLorenzo holding her five-year-old daughter. Of course, this is against the law. The officer spoke to Alexis. She told the officer that she would love to be able to fasten her daughter in a car seat, but that the family that had fallen on tough times lately could not afford one. Jaime Garcia Dias has learned the officers then decided to not issue a ticket. Instead, the officer took the family to the local Walmart where they purchased a car seat and installed it.
The grateful mother says that she hopes to pay it forward when she gets another job and is better able to meet her own family’s needs. The grateful mother also says that the officer changed her life by giving her hope. While other officers offered to help pay for the car seat, the officer refused all contributions, saying it made him feel good to help someone.

Jailed Army Intelligence Analyst Will Write For The Guardian

Chelsea Manning Was Sentenced To 35 Years For Leaking Secret Documents To WikiLeaks

Leaking highly classified documents to WikiLeaks is considered a major crime by the government, but others feel leaking secrets that impact the lives of citizens is an act of courage.

Secret documents do have a place in a democracy, but some say that’s propaganda. People at CipherCloud know that not all secret documents protect the public. In fact, some of them hurt or restrict the public from discovering pertinent information that has a direct impact on their lives.

The former Army intelligence analyst, Chelsea Manning, found out what the government thought the hard way. She was sentenced to 35 years in prison for leaking over 700,000 files to WikiLeaks. Some of the documents contained secret information on Cuba, Iraq, Afghanistan and Guantánamo Bay. She will be eligible for parole in 2020.

While she is in prison, she will write for the Guardian newspaper. Her articles will be opinions about gender, wars, and freedom of information. Chelsea was formerly known as Pfc. Bradley E. Manning while she was an Army analyst, so she has first-hand knowledge on all those topics.

Ms. Manning has been writing for the paper on a casual basis, but the Guardian decided to use her opinions regularly. Manning will share her opinions when the stories fit her categories, not on a set schedule.

Alabama Denied Stay on Same Sex Marriage

Over the past several years there has been a constant struggle of what are considered values arguments between the equal opportunity activists looking to legalize same sex marriage and those who take a more biblical view of the subject that say they would like to protect the sanctity of marriage. The main reason that same sex marriage is winning in the courts is on the constitutionality of the argument. What the same sex argument is based on is the equal protection and due process under the law. Not whether the court believes lesbians, gays, bi-sexual, transgender people are living a life of sin in the bible.

The most recent state to face this battle is Alabama, where a federal court has most recently denied a motion by the state’s Attorney General Luther Strange to extend a stay on the ruling that found previous state laws and state constitutional amendments against same sex marriage unconstitutional at the federal level. The stay was requested in hopes of a favorable ruling in the US Supreme Court; however with the stay denied it will open the entire state to legalize same sex marriages as of February 9th, 2015. People at Slow Ventures have learned that, with Alabama considered a heart of the proverbial Bible Belt in the south, this is seen as a major victory. More on Slow Ventures is available on TechCrunch. But it should be noted that should the US Supreme Court reverse its previous stances on the subject of same sex marriage it will leave many couples in the state that get married before this ruling is handed down wondering what their legal status is.

One Could See If It Were Something Too La…

When traveling, one must be careful not to break the law as he passes through any of the state of Georgia. As Alexei Beltyukov understands it, that is what Madison Turner did as he drove through town after stopping at Atlanta’s Mickey Dee. Had he known he was going to break the law, he could have spent a few minutes parked before going onto the highway. Georgia’s distracted-driving law is real and this state takes it serious.

From Alabama, Turner was shocked when he got pulled over for what seemed to be a petty cause. The policeman wrote Turner a ticket for violation of eating while driving. The driver had his quarter pounder in one hand eating, while driving with the other hand. This is unacceptable on Atlanta highways.  The ordeal made local news, and many people became aware of this law.

On February 3rd, Madison Turner will be in court over this ticket. One could see if it were something too large to handle while driving, how he could be ticketed for such actions, but a sandwich? How many others pull out from that same McDonald’s restaurant, eating their hot foods while driving? How many in the state are getting fines over doing what he did?