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Fagali Wins the Pró-Ética Award

Organized by the Federal Comptroller’s Office and in conjunction with the Ethos Institute, the Pró-Ética award is the main award given to companies that have demonstrated that they have complied with the governments standard of ethics. Bruno Fagali’s firm has won this award for their compliance and commitment to ethical business practices for the 2016 and 2017 years.

There are several benefits to winning the Pró-Ética award. There is a certain amount of public recognition that the company receives once the award is won. The company is known for their ethics and commitment in fighting corruption. The company receives positive publicity. The government reviews and verifies that the companies that receive the Pró-Ética award are committed to a certain standard of ethics. Visit on his twitter to get the latest updates

The selection for the recipients of the Pró-Ética award allows the committee to perform an extensive evaluation of the possible recipient’s ethics and integrity programs and analyze the measures that each company has implemented to comply with these standards. This is especially important as the press, and social networks keep an eye on the companies and can sway public opinion in regards to these companies.

A companies ethics and integrity program can’t receive the award. Instead, a company is evaluated on how it complies to ethical business standards and practices. Bruno Fagali’s company was found to have complied to a certain level of ethics and to have practiced ethical business during 2016 and 2017.

Bruno Fagali is committed to following ethical business practices in his firm and advocacy work. Besides the work, he does for his firm Bruno Fagali also receives several invitations to lecture in academic circles each year, and he also performs ethics presentations for large corporations. He has been the subject of several interviews by the Ethos Institute and by IBDEE.

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Jeremy L. Goldstein & His Contributions to Law

The History & Career Background of Jeremy L. Goldstein

According to most if not all sources one can look for, the consensus agreement about the field of law is that it is extremely difficult to work in. If we look into it, this is one of the main reasons why this field is also one of the most lucrative around. When we take into consideration factors such as money, patience, and overall sacrifice that it takes for a professional to make it in the field of law, it is easy to see why there are not too many ultra-successful professionals coming out of this industry. As unbelievable as that may seem, the truth of the matter is that it takes certain individuals with certain skills to thrive in the law game. Worth mentioning, this is a significant point to understand because it gives us the opportunity to appreciate law professionals much more than we had before, if at all. Take, for example, the successful Jeremy L. Goldstein and his career as a law professional. While there has been plenty of successful individuals to come out of this field, perhaps none have done so with the level of impact and influence that Jeremy L. Goldstein has in his career. Impressively enough, these are just some of many factors that have catapulted Jeremy L. Goldstein towards the top of his field. In fact, Jeremy L. Goldstein and his contributions to his profession have placed him as the standard of prominence in the law industry. With that said, there is still plenty more to Jeremy L. Goldstein impressive ways. So, to get a better sense of how he has accomplished so much as a professional in the field of law, here is more on Jeremy L. Goldstein and his current state.


More on Jeremy L. Goldstein & Law Firm

Worth repeating, there are many ways Jeremy L. Goldstein has established himself as one of the most accomplished law professionals around. Considering the many career accomplishments and accolades that he has to his credit, it is no surprise that he has been able to set up an established a recognized and highly-regarded law firm. Currently, his law firm has helped numerous individuals with their legal situations. For example, in an article on Jeremy and this topic discusses how he has been able to support so many people. Specifically, the article discusses how Jeremy L. Goldstein and his firm has been able to help explain and break down different aspects legal situations. This may be the most significant part of how he has helped people but, of course, this is just one of several different ways Jeremy L. Goldstein has contributed. All in all, there is no denying his greatness and effectiveness as a professional. Learn more:

Great Employee Remuneration Tips from Jeremy Goldstein

Often, large corporations find themselves facing a multitude of challenges. One of these challenges is remuneration, especially for their top level employees. Jeremy Goldstein, a long-serving New York City attorney has amassed close to twenty years of experience helping corporations overcome these challenges.


Large corporations are highly profitable business entities. As a result, they generate a lot of interest from diverse quarters of society. Most of the interest they generate is often from employees and shareholders, especially those invested for the long term. The investors are interested in seeing their investment grow in the form of an increase in share price while employees want to see that they are compensated well for the value they create in the organization. According to Jeremy Goldstein, an employee remuneration advisor, these organizations resort to pegging their pay on the Earnings per Share of their traded stock which is not always a correct position.


Jeremy Goldstein opines that there are both pros and cons of learning to EPS based remuneration. He observes that shareholders are more likely to prefer EPS based compensation so that executives do everything possible to grow the EPS and thus their investments will grow.


On the other hand, this could give leeway to company executives to work towards manipulating their company’s share price illegal, to please their investors and to increase their pay. In addition, EPS based pay leads executives to focus on the short-term profitability of the organization and not the long-term sustainability of the organization.


With these varying opinions in mind, he advises that corporations should have the ability to look at both their profitability and sustainability. He recommends that corporations adopt performance-based pay. He opines that this form of pay leads to better working environments and cultures. In addition, with a proper system of accountability, company executives are able to focus on the longevity of the organization and seek ways to grow it and thus build a strong investment for shareholders.


Jeremy Goldstein has close to twenty years practicing as an attorney in the corporate world. He has a wide range of experience in the American corporate scene. He has participated and led teams in several corporate transactions in diverse sectors of the economy. He has been involved in telecommunication transactions such as the United Technologies acquisition of Goodrich, he has also participated in major banking and oil and petroleum industry transactions.


Mr. Goldstein is the founder of Jeremy. L. Goldstein and Associates, LLC. He is a highly regarded legal mind and listed in the Legal 500 magazine as such. Jeremy is a highly sought after speaker and published writer on matters, corporate governance and executive compensation. He also sits on the Board of Directors of Fountain House, which is a charity that focuses on helping those recovering from mental illnesses. Learn more: 

Cone Marshall Representatives Discuss Charitable Giving In Estate Planning

The recent election of the new President of the United States has had a remarkable effect on world government systems. On election night, countries around the world filled television station networks with a non-stop streaming of live coverage of the results. Now that America has elected a new president, many countries are attempting to gauge the potential effects of a new American president on the global economy. New Zealand government officials, in particular, have spent a great deal of effort determining the appropriate response to the changing American system. In an effort to secure New Zealand’s economic status and global government standing, representatives from Cone Marshall recommended that citizens who earn an income that is above the average household income consider making an investment in charitable giving causes. Geoffrey Cone, Cone Marshall’s founding partner and CEO, has recently stated that an increase in charitable giving will allow New Zealand citizens to establish a secure economy, build important connections with powerful nations, and reduce the country’s overall debt levels.


Establishment of a Secure Economy

Because Cone Marshall is New Zealand’s most prominent and successful law firm and offers legal assistance to thousands of customers each year, the company’s stance on economic measures is highly regarded by New Zealand’s citizens and government. Representatives from Cone Marshall believe that an increase in the country’s charitable donations will help to stabilize the economy by allowing businesses and government services to operate without undue financial burden. Cone Marshall attorneys have offered to assist families who wish to make charitable donations to determine which organization would benefit most from a donation. Cone Marshall attorneys will also assist New Zealand families with the tax write-offs that accompany charitable donations. Cone Marshall representatives believe that these techniques will prompt families to increase donation amounts.


Building Important Connections With Powerful Nations and Reduction of Debt

Cone Marshall representatives also believe that an increase in charitable giving by New Zealand citizens will impact the country’s relations with other nations. An increase in charitable donations among New Zealand citizens will effect business growth and government programs in a positive way. Business and government, in turn, will effect global relations due to the stabilization of the nation’s economy. Cone Marshall attorneys hope that an increase in charitable giving will stabilize the New Zealand economy in such a way that it is no longer dependent on the changing government systems of other nations. Attorneys at Cone Marshall also emphasized the fact that the positive impact of charitable giving would drastically reduce the nation’s debt.