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Chicago’s Real Estate Market

It is evident that Chicago’s real estate market is back on track thanks to the rising prices and sales. As such, real estate agents are having an easy time getting their sales target reached. Nonetheless, the most determining factor is the decline in sales of distressed properties, and one may argue that we are finally off the hook with house bubble meltdown.

Nevertheless, the catch, if you look keenly is that the recovery has not been uniform across town. Research shows that the south and west sides are still experiencing the aftermath of housing bust whereas real estate business near downtown and on the north side seems to have picked up well. You can easily point out the Kenwood and Hyde Park, which have transformed into oases of good business that never ended with anything better but short sales and foreclosures.

Either way, it is important to consider the dynamics of time in that, how bad was it when the meltdown hit the market in these regions, and again, how much have things turned up as of now? So it is easy to pick three zip codes and examine them in proportion to the highlighted queries.

The areas chosen were 60617 and 60614, which stand for Lincoln Park and 60605, which is mostly South Loop though it also falls within the other two zip codes. Taking into consideration that data is highly variable within a month’s time, it was only wise to look at it on a 6-month average.

According to the graph captured by MLS, 60617 responded much sooner to the meltdown but also picked higher than the other two zip codes. In addition, all zip codes showed a significant increase since the beginning of 2013 though 60614 takes the crown here, as it never recorded a rise above 20 percent distressed sales. As of 60605, it started out earlier than 60614 but they ended up on the same level. Nevertheless, this does not come as a surprise, but it answers the big question, whether Chicago is out of the meltdown uniformly or not. It did not.

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Omar Boraie’s Vision May Change the Economy in New Jersey


Looking at the present scenario of residential developments and real-estate price in New Jersey, it is important that each city needs to take the uncommon path for its long-awaited real-estate renaissance. If the development of New Brunswick is considered, then taking the newest route of high-rise residential development may prove beneficial for the cities in NJ. Although many economically affected cities around the nation have already revived from the worst-hit recession in 2008, cities in New Jersey are still under the negative effects with low real-estate prices.The Newark CRE Summit was held a few weeks back. Such an event always brings forward new opportunities in a city by highlighting the maximum economic developments in the city. During this event, many leaders came up with new ideas of construction and investment opportunities in this city. After a set of discussions and meetings, it was clear the Newark should look forward for a collection of simultaneous residential projects that will create a market for potential buyer while offering varied options of investment for prospective residents.

Boraie Development executive vice president Wasseem Boraie came up with the idea of new construction projects. In his speech, he highlighted the major class A projects in the city that include everything from pipeline constructions to road repair. According to him, these projects can bring a positive change in the city’s real-estate scenario in the long run. Another important point that he mentioned is the high-rise residential developments in the city.

Boraie Development founder Omar Boraie once said that his company’s high-rise apartment construction plan will help revive the economic conditions in New Brunswick. After the company started its project, nobody believed that it will be a success. Just within a few years from the project of the Albany Street Plaza Tower, each residential unit and office space was sold. Unlike many other New Jersey cities, New Brunswick has grown economically in a better manner in the past few years. This 25-storey building in the city is the tallest tower in the city, which features 121 residential units. Now Wasseem Boraie, the vice president of the Boraie Development also supports his father’s vision.

Boraie says that his company will come up with such new projects of high-rise residential apartment building constructions in other cities in NJ. Now their plan is to target Newark. Because this model worked wonderfully for the economic betterment in New Brunswick, it will surely help other cities in NJ to experience a positive economic growth impact.