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Sparking a Change in the Status Quo

One of the most significant things that an entrepreneur can do is to surround themselves with people whose personalities are conducive to success. This is also true in building a team. In earlier years, this would require extensive research, interviews and multiple people, but with the digital age, a team could be two-people. Additionally, a website that these two people have could be as powerful as the site of a powerful corporation. Some people will do better in a job situation because entrepreneurship really requires a certain personality type. One has to be honest with themselves about their real goals.

Budding entrepreneurs can always help their cause by becoming a known expert at the business. This could only be achieved with college degrees or technical certificates before the digital revolution. The reasons are varied for this occurrence, but many of the digital frontiers that produce large gains for investors and entrepreneurs is not taught in colleges currently. This means that business acumen and proven results from satisfied customers will provide the professionalism and proof of expertise that people need in order to trust their business to a company. Additionally, people are more apt to refer someone whose expertise and professionalism are proven. This positive word of mouth is the true generator of the type of incoming business that could launch a venture into the stratosphere.

In order to further this success, entrepreneurs should find a unique method by which the business is different and therefore better than competitors. This is called a competitive edge, and it is a successful business technique. The entrepreneur must be informed in order to exploit this technique because it does require expertise to explain why the service is better than other similar choices. It works because it actually helps the client to make a decision among multiple competitors with similar products. In this occasion, it is best to position the business as the alternative to the norm especially when the selection is vast. 

All of these things are important, but having successful mentors is also a competitive advantage that entrepreneurs can have even if it is not publicly exploitable. Marc Sparks is one of the few successful entrepreneurs that has offered a pathway to budding entrepreneurs to obtain this valuable mentorship. Many people simply close the door to opportunities once they have exploited them. These entrepreneurs probably would not have this opportunity if it were not for Mr. Sparks. Depriving entrepreneurs of this opportunity will not stop them from becoming successful. However, it will mean that they are not beholding to any of the powers that be when they do make the climb. Eventually these exclusionary existing entities will find themselves isolated.