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Aloha Construction, Covered with Solid Ethics

Aloha Construction is a family owned and operated roofing and siding company with multiple locations in Illinois and Wisconsin. The company is well known for customer service, but the Lake Zurich location paved the way as they hammered ethics over their foundations. In December 2017 Aloha Construction earned one of the most coveted awards available from the Better Business Bureau; the BBB Torch award was proudly received by the Lake Zurich branch team. The award is given by the BBB for outstanding ethics practices.

Earning the award is just the beginning for Aloha Construction. The roofing and siding company has huge aspirations for 2018. A new storm season is rearing is in the near future. who better to champion preparedness for all roofing and siding needs in vulnerable areas than Aloha Construction. The staff at Lake Zurich humbly await the challenge of the upcoming season and promise to deliver the same brand of ethics that earned them the BBB Torch Award last year.

One might wonder why an award from the BBB is so important. The Better Business Bureau has been around for over 100 years. The company is dedicated to finding the right businesses for the right jobs. The BBB has accurately listed and rated more than 5.3 million businesses. The Bureau keeps tabs on both good and bad aspects of businesses and allows would-be customers an inside look at the trustworthiness of prospective businesses. A person can be sure that if they need to find information, they can trust the BBB to have the information needed to make solid, informed decisions that will have a lasting effect on their lives.

Aloha Construction is also community-minded in the sense they enjoy giving to others in the form of charities. In February 2018, Aloha Construction donated nearly $2,000 dollars to Camp One Step by Children’s Oncology Services. This is a true testimony to a company that cares about getting it right.

Adam Milstein’s Video Competition’s Stories Of Israel And Its Place In The World

Adam Milstein has used a variety of ways to promote Jewish sovereignty and tell the stories of those who make big differences in today’s world, and one of the ways he’s done so is through social media-based video competitions. He hosted a competition not long ago known as Inspired by Israel which had hundreds of contestants from all over the world who created videos of people in Israel doing big things. The committee that Adam Milstein headed selected 10 finalists all of whom received cash prizes with the top winner getting an $8,000 prize. The winner this last year was a video titled “The Immigrant” which detailed someone’s journey to Israel in which he changed his antisemitic views to that of someone who fully supported Israel. Milstein and several other Jewish leaders mentioned this video in the Jerusalem Post and even the mayor of Jerusalem was very pleased with it.

Adam Milstein has had ties on both the conservative right and liberal left as an activism, but he says political affiliation should not matter. The most important thing he says is to support the nation of Israel even if you don’t agree with all of their ways of gaining peace. But Milstein is 100% behind them and as a young man he fought in the nation’s military during the 1973 Yom Kippur War. After the war, he completed both his undergraduate and master’s degrees and decided to make money in real estate. Milstein is one of three managing partners at Hager Pacific Properties which has an extensive list of commercial properties totaling in the billions.

Adam Milstein founded the Milstein Family Foundation with three cornerstones in active philanthropy, path life impact and philanthropic synergy. As part of these cornerstones, the Milsteins support each partner group of the foundation not only financially, but also with their own personal involvement. They also strive to bring in a variety of community leaders into the conversation about Jewish-Americans and their relationship to Israel and the US political process. The Milsteins also want families to teach their children about the importance of Jewish history and the Hebrew language, and one tool that is used to do that are books about Jewish culture published at Sifriyat Pijama B’America.

The Ramifications of the Kabbalah Centre

In 1922 the Kabbalah Centre was established in Israel by Rav Yehuda Tzvi Brandwein. The original establishment was called Yeshivah Koi Yehuda, and Phillip Berg and his wife Karen then re-established the United States Kabbalah Centre in New York City in 1965.

There was also a Kabbalah Centre established in Los Angeles in 1984, and there are other locations in Toronto and London. The approach that the Kabbalah Centre uses with its students for teaching purposes is that there is no requirement that the students know or have knowledge of Hebrew to study the Kabbalah.

The views of the Kabbalah is that it is a spiritual belief that all religions are merely spiritual branches of wisdom that is universal. Consequently, all religions such as Christianity, Judaism, Buddism, Islam and New Age Thinking are all part of, and branches of the wisdom of God. Kabbalah is then not an alternative to any religion in particular, but it is a supplement to them all.

Kabbalah does not become centric on God Himself because He is incomprehensible to us, but we dwell on the essence of God which is the “Light.” To further explain, it is reasoned that our five senses only reveal about 1% of the reality of God as the other 99% of our senses are incapable of accessing the reality.

The Kabbalah Centre goes on to teach that most of the unbounded spiritual energy that we should have access to is blocked by Klippot which blocks this spiritual energy from reaching us. It is only by study and the practice of Kabbalah and the practice of Jewish law that the Klippot can be removed. Negative behavior and violence are acts that Klippot is added.

The study of astrology is a part of the Kabbalah because it claims that cosmic forces affect everything and it has been a long-held Jewish tradition to study astrology.

Clay Siegall- Co-founder of Seattle Genetics

Clay Siegell, Ph.D. is the President, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Seattle Genetics- a company he co-founded in 1998. Dr. Siegall received his Ph.D. in Genetics from the University of George Washington and a B.SC. in Zoology from Maryland University. He is a scientist by training with a focus on targeted cancer therapies. Before Seattle Genetics, Dr. Siegall worked with the National Institute of Health and the National Cancer Institute from 1988 to 1991 and Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute between 1991 and 1997. He is also a Board member of Alder Biopharmaceuticals- a private biotechnology company. He holds 15 patents and has authored more than 70 publications.

About Seattle Genetics

Seattle Genetics was built on a foundation of rigorous research and drug invention practices, scientific innovation as well as the passion for helping patients. Dr. Siegel has led the company to its present position as a leader in inventing antibody-drug conjugates [ADCs] for cancer treatment. Under his management, Seattle Genetics has managed to enter into many strategic licenses for its anti-drug conjugates technology, including with AbbVie, Genentech[Roche], Pfizer and GlaxoSmithKline, which have brought in more than $300 million. Across collaborator and internal programs, more than 20 ADCs are currently using Seattle technology in clinical development. Dr. Siegel has also influenced the company’s capital-raising activities, obtaining more than $675 million from private and public financings, including Seattle Genetics’ initial public offer in 2001.

Seattle Genetics is fast-growing, and it is trying to enlarge its drug scope with new medicines and widen the use of the initial ones. The company also plans to embark on another hiring spree. These moves point to the company’s aggressive nature and underscore its role as the center for cancer research.

The company is testing its only commercialized drug- Adcetris, in numerous cancer-treatment scenarios. Currently, it is being tried out in over 70 trials against different types of lymphomas.

The company also intends to get another drug, known as 33A, into Phase 3 of this year’s clinical trials. The drug will be used for the treatment of acute myeloid leukemia. Also, Seattle Genetics has two drugs that treat bladder cancer and one drug for breast cancer.