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LeBron James Has Never Been More Ready For Game 2 Against Celtics After Sunday’s Blow-Out Loss

At 6’8″ tall and with agility and drive and four MVP titles under his belt, LeBron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers is an NBA athlete who bearly loses.

He was so disappointed in Sunday’s playoff Game 1 against the Celtics that the hoops star arrived 10 hours earlier to practice Monday morning before Tuesday evening’s Game 2.

According to an item in the Business Insider, “King James” was the first one in the TD Garden building in Beantown to work up a major sweat and to perfect his shot.

His teammates found James shirtless, throwing down dunks and dripping with sweat as they arrived courtside with their sneakers in tow. It was about 10:30 AM.

The Celtics embarrassed the Cavs Sunday night in the opening game of the Eastern Finals in Boston, 108-83. The Celtics were able to do damage to James’s extraordinary talents by holding the legend to just 15 points and forcing him into seven turnovers. James took the defeat in stride, and he told the media after the game that he was not worried about the loss, saying he had zero level of concern.

Still, it was tough for King James to swallow because Game 1 against Boston resulted in the NBA player’s worst post-season performance in recent memory. Check out LeBron James speaking to the press following Sunday’s loss and his strategy for winning the playoffs here on YouTube.

LeBron James is 33, married and the father of four children.