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Services Offered at Equities First Holdings

Equities First Holdings focuses on lending based on securities globally. The company specializes in providing efficient alternative lending solutions for individuals of high-net-worth and businesses that are looking for non-purpose capital. The company offers loans depending on its assessment of the future performance and risk linked with the treasuries, stocks, and bonds. First Equity Holdings was founded in 2001. It has its headquarters in Indianapolis and has its satellite office situated in New York City. The President of Equities First Holdings is Al Christy Jr. The Managing Director is Jeff Smith. Julie Lapoint serves as the Operations Manager of the company. Joe McCarthy serves as the Head Trader.

Equities First Holdings is committed to offering a product developed to competently supply liquidity at affordable terms through a process that is safe and transparent. The distinctive approach of the company has made it perform over 625 transactions up to date. The unique method of the company also offers its clients a capital of lower costs and better terms of financing compared to the alternatives of traditional financing. Equities First Holdings operates worldwide and has offices in Sydney, London, Hong Kong, Perth, Bangkok, and Singapore. The company is committed to providing financing arrangements that are designed to suit the individual needs of the borrower.

Equities First Holdings has been in operation for more than 15 years. It has gained a reputation as a credible lending institution. It has a clear record of giving back the shares of borrowers after a transaction has reached maturity and repayment. Equities First Holdings has been able to assist numerous individuals together with businesses to achieve their strategic goals. The company’s way of lending only accesses the worth of the borrower and the future performance of what the borrower needs to invest in as opposed to the traditional way of lending whereby there has to be a guarantee. The company attributes his success to hard work and commitment together with the input of its skilled employees who work hard to maintain the integrity of the enterprise. The company is termed as a pioneer in the securities based lending.

Equities First Holdings executes its first transaction in the United Kingdom

On Oct 28, 2016, Equities First Holding returns shares of ANGLE kpc used as collateral in a deal. Equities First Holdings (EFH) is global leading lender in alternative financing solutions. The company announced to have fully completed the transaction by returning $ 1.35 million stock share with ANGLE kpc which is spearheaded by Andrew Newland as the chief executive officer of the company. The said stock was used as a guarantee of a financial transaction between the two companies.

The financing facility started back in October 2014, and it was a two year long. This was one of the EFHs first transaction that was executed in the United Kingdom since the company’s acquisition of Meridian Equity Partners Limited. EFHs acquired and rebranded Meridian Partners in the summer of 2014. It was rebranded to Equity First (London) Limited.

Equities First (London) Limited is registered under number 605564 which means it is recognized, authorized and permitted to run its business in the United Kingdom by the Financial Conduct Authority of the United Kingdom.

Al Christy. Jr says that the return of collateral is business as usual for Equities First Holdings . Al Christy is the president of EFHs; he further explains that EFHs and its other subsidiaries have successful completed more than 700 financial transactions. The company has an impeccable record of history upon returning clients collaterals after maturity and total repayments.

Equities First Holding LLC was established in 2002 by Al Christy. Jr, who also serves as the chairman and the chief executive officer of the company. The company leads in the provision of alternatives financing solutions. They also assist in supplying clients with capital against publically traded shares on public exchange across the globe. The company has delivered over $ 1.4 billion US Dollars and has seen more than 700 successful transactions.

Equities First Holding is hyper-focused and empowers high net-worth investors and institutions with customized loans and alternative financing solutions that enable them to acquire non-purpose loans and capital for their businesses. The company offers secure lending, and it operates globally with their offices in nine countries around the world.

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