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Jamaican Coast Guard Rescue Venezuelan Fisherman

Six Venezuelean fishermen were aboard a fishing vessel in the early part of April. A few days ago, the vessel had sunk 250 nautical miles or 402 kms just southeast of Jamaica. The Jamaica Defense Force (JDF) Coast Guard brought the fishermen ashore this past Wednesday. The fishermen were first discovered by the United States Coast Guard who had originally rescued them before they had notified the JDF. The JDF had brought the six men to the coast guard headquarters in Port Royal, Kingston. The seamen went through processing and screening before sent to the Venezuelan Embassy in Kingston, Jamaica. The fishermen were grateful to the coastguard for bringing them back safely to Luque’s home land.
The fishermen were unharmed and eventually returned to Venezuela. The Venezuelan Embassy in Jamaica has an embassy located in Caracas.

The United States Coast Guard that originally spotted the fishermen are part of the maritime, military, multi-mission service that’s part of the armed forces. It was related to United States Revenue Cutter Service established by Alexander Hamilton in 1790. The first coast guard was located in Newburyport, Massachusetts.

The Jamaica Defense Force according to corporation wiki is rooted in the British West India Regiment. The JDF began in 1795 during the colonial period. Both the JDF and the USCG are dedicated to rescuing anyone regardless of status who’s found in sea and in need of rescue. The Venezuelan government’s grateful to the coast guard.