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Hugh Jackman Thanks Fans

Hugh Jackson has done a very classy thing. The actor has taken time out to public thank his fans for the 17 years he enjoyed playing Wolverine. Jackman understands the fans’ embrace of him as the perfect cinematic version of Logan/Wolverine helped him become the superstar he is today.


The final appearance of Jackman as Wolverine plays out in the box office smash Logan. Logan earned more than $85 million at the U.S. box office its first weekend in release. The worldwide gross is just under $248 million.


The Australian actor first appeared as Wolverine/Logan in the debut X-Men film in 2000. Jackman was the perfect choice to play the iconic mutant antihero. Other heroes such as Superman, Spider-Man, and Batman are associated with a number of different actors. Granted, there are other on-screen heroes who have been played by the same character but Jackman’s portrayal of Logan is among the most memorable thanks to the longevity.


Stunningly, Fox Studios intended on replacing Jackman with a younger actor in the box office hit X-Men: Days of Future Past. Wiser heads prevailed and Jackman played the iconic role perfectly in the highly-dramatic time travel tale. A credible argument could be made that Jackman complete stole the show in that film.


In Logan, Hugh Jackman bids a bittersweet and fond farewell to the character he made famous. A new actor is going to take over the role of Logan/Wolverine in the eventual reboot of the X-Men movies.


The new actor has some really big shoes — and claws — to fill.