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Taylor Swift 12-Year-old Boy to walk

Luke Hogan Laurenson, of Ashland, Oregon, was born with the dystonic form of cerebral palsy that made him unable to walk and talk. Laurenson has been a fan of Taylor Swift’s songs ever since he was a little boy. When he heard Taylor Swift perform “Shake it Off”, the boy was moved by it. He got up from his wheelchair and started to dance on the floor, just one month after he took his first steps. Jane Laurenson considers ” Shake it Off” to be her son’s anthem.

The Ashland Fire and Rescue Department learned about the Laurenson’s medical expenses and decided to help out. His medical expenses are over $20,000 per year after health insurance pays their share. Doctors believed that the boy would not only never be able to walk or talk, he would eventually have to be institutionalized. It is Luke Laureson’ s family’s desire that the boy improves his walking, dancing, and begin to talk. His family wants him to be as independent possible.

Many people tend to think that a fan feeling inspired by a celebrity to be trivial. In this case, Taylor Swift has done a tremendous thing for this young fan. Hopefully, this publicity will find its way to the singer and maybe she will meet this devoted fan.

Recently, 20 members of the Ashland Fire and Rescue Department filmed a video to be shown all over the internet. It shows the 12-year-old boy in his wheel chair, dancing and then getting on the floor dancing on the food with the rescue team and others to the beat of Luke Laurenson’s anthem.