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Mac Miller Releases New Drone Style Video

Drones are all the rage in video today. You can get beautiful footage from hundreds of feet up in the air. Music video directors have been taking advantage of these drones to make music videos that would have cost tens of thousands of dollars to make back in the day.


MTV reports that Mac Miller has recently dropped a drone style video that closely resembles the iconic Coldplay video, Yellow. As Mac Miller walks on the beach, he raps the words from his new song, Stay. The beautiful simplicity of this video shows how many artists are going for a more minimal look in their videos. No longer is it required for rappers to have flashy cars and girls dancing to make their music a success. Rappers can now take a much more relaxed approach to the videos they make.


Miller shows off the capabilites of new drone technology with this video as well. It seems as though the drone at times in this video will fly up to hundreds of feet in order to get beautiful footage for this video.


Mac Miller has shown that he isn’t ready to stop with his career anytime soon. His career has been able to grow by leaps and bounds with the rise of his fanbase online. He has been able to reach out to his fans with lyrics that really connect to them. Unlike other rappers, Mac Miller has a way of connect with your everyday individual. He tends to rap about things that aren’t as glamorous. This helps him really connect with his working class fans.