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Celebrity Singer Madonna Speaks With Harper’s Bazaar

On January 17th, Harper’s Bazaar will feature pop icon Madonna on the cover. The magazine carries an interview with the famous performer. She details many aspects of her life and career.


Madonna reveals she has always considered herself “oppressed”. She notes her sentiments may surprise many fans. The singer today enjoys a comfortable lifestyle as a result of a string of financially successful records. However, the 58-year old bristles at the idea she should refrain from spending time on tour or reduce her daily workload as a creative artist. She describes her art as enabling her to stay “alive”, noting she would never have survived the heartbreaks she has encountered in her personal life without the ability to create. She explains her interest in her career has sometimes in the past caused her to choose touring rather than remaining at home, despite a spouse’s objections.


An acclaimed songwriter and performer, Madonna has earned seven Grammy Awards during her career. She released her most recent album in March, 2015, before launching a global concert tour.


During her interview for the magazine, Madonna also discusses her most recent heart ache, the outcome of the 2016 presidential election in the United States. She analogizes her feelings about the results to the way she felt at the end of a love affair. She compares the Republican victory to a waking nightmare.


Madonna notes she expressed her political views freely during the entire course of the recent political campaign, indicating she often criticized candidate Donald Trump and his family. She describes the entertainment industry as surprisingly reticent in the wake of the election. She speculates some celebrities fail to speak out about controversial public issues due to a concern they might face “blacklisting” should their views offend other people.