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Doctor Insults Patient and has to Pay

A patient left his voice recorder on while he was under anesthesia. He is now being awarded $500,000 because of something the doctor did while the man was asleep. In a recent article James Dondero noted that the man took the doctor to court because he was being insulted. The man was called various names while being under anesthesia, and the doctor even made comments about wanting to punch the man in the face after he saw him in the office. Doctors are supposed to help people. When someone is under anesthesia, that person has no way to provide a defense. If the doctor made these comments to one person, then there is a high chance that the doctor has made comments to other patients who he has operated on, which is rather sad as there is often no recording of what takes place. This is a situation where the patient finally wins against a doctor who needs a better bedside manner.