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Mama June Shannon’s Big Weight Loss Reveal

Georgia’s loud and proud, Mama June Shannon, will have her big reveal on WE’s From Not To Hot show on March 31, 2017. The reality star once topped the scales at over 450 pounds and was considered morbidly obese. Since undergoing weight loss and skin removal surgery, as well as sticking to a strict diet and workout regime, the star is now a size four. The show has been giving viewers slight glimpses of the new slimmer figure, but the big reveal will show June in a red dress, which she bought to wear to Sugar Bear (Mike Thompson’s) wedding.


Thompson was known to have many affairs on Shannon when she was obese. He recently married Jennifer Lamb. Though Shannon admits that she doesn’t want him back, seeing him with someone else is painful. Especially, when you consider that her daughter, Alania, has a new stepmother. The show has allowed the duo’s arguments to be part of the broadcast. It appears that Lamb and Shannon will not be friends anytime soon. In an effort to show her ex what he can’t have, she has starved and nearly killed herself with surgical procedures to become picture perfect.


Her new show is a far cry from the old reality television show Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. They have removed some of the theatrics and over-the-top behavior to class her up a bit. Also, missing from this show is the oldest daughter Anna, middle daughter Jessica, and granddaughter Kaitlyn. Based solely on her weight loss journey, fans can relate to her on a new level. Anyone considering a weight loss journey can follow her to see how difficult the process is, even if there was surgical intervention.


Fans get to see another side of Shannon that wasn’t really observed in previous reality efforts. She is very overprotective of her children, including on-screen co-stars Alania and Lauryn. She’s moved to a new house, is no longer talking about her fork-lift toe, and is showing Hollywood that she has a bit of class behind all that crass. Going from a size 30/32 to a four is a huge feat for anyone. With higher ratings than any of her other shows, it appears that millions will tune in for the big reveal.