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A Celebrity From The Past Creates Auction Headlines Today

Actress Marilyn Monroe generated a lot of press attention during her lifetime. Now the late celebrity has made headlines again, decades after her death. Recently, her final film script, including notes scrawled by the actress in the margins, reached a modern auction. It carries a minimum reserve bid price of $20,000.


The blonde actress had written notes to herself in pencil and green ink on her copy of the script for Something’s Got to Give. However, the 1962 production did not fare well; the producers eventually fired the star because of her frequent absences from the set. She died weeks later, in 1962.


Marilyn Monroe achieved celebrity status as a sex symbol in Hollywood films during the 1950s. She spent much of her childhood in an orphanage after her mother suffered mental problems and became institutionalized. Following World War II, the young actress adopted the stage name “Marilyn Monroe” and appeared in a series of hit films. Her good looks and dyed blonde hair helped her win leading roles in popular movies, despite a lack of extensive stage experience. She starred in successful box office hits, including Niagara, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes and How to Marry a Millionaire.


After a 1946 divorce, she became linked with several famous men romantically. She married baseball star Joe DiMaggio, but that union ended quickly. In 1956, she wed playwright Arthur Miller, but they divorced in 1961. She reportedly committed suicide under mysterious circumstances in 1962.