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White Shark Media Continues To Improve Customer Service Based On Active Customer Feedback

The management of the well-known digital agency, White Shark Media, has decided to overhaul its customer service after listening to the feedback of customers. It is noticeable that the company is already known for its superior service. Still, the management is actively looking to set new industry benchmarks. As a result, it has released numerous press releases to generate awareness among the public on how White Shark Media has overhauled its platform based on the feedback of its clients.


According to the company’s CMO and founder, Andrew Lolk, the first step is to update every client with the Adwords platform. It is necessary to re-initiate contacts because a lot of customers complained that they lost touch of their campaign, said Andrew. As a result, the company is reaching out to its clients ensuring that everyone is aware of the ins and outs of the entire platform, technology, and performance of individual campaigns.


In the past, customers have also complained about the communication. It means that it is sometimes hard for the customer to interact with their SEM Strategist. To resolve the issue, the management has decided to schedule monthly calls using the latest GoToMeeting software. In addition to the regular meetings, these monthly calls will focus on providing a detailed evaluation of the ongoing campaign by allowing clients to visualize campaign reports instead of listening to their strategist on the phone.


Another important step is to offer direct telephone extension to clients enabling them to reach their strategists and team supervisors, in real time. By offering access to the direct telephone lines, the company wants to reduce complaints and resolve problems, quickly. Behind the scenes, every supervisor will only handle anywhere from 3 to 5 SEM Strategist, at any one time. This will allow supervisors to actively manage interactions among clients and their strategists.


In fact, the company has also started offering free SEO evaluation. Despite the fact that White Shark Media is not an SEO company, its in-house SEO experts will analyze SEO campaigns of its clients on third party platforms to made recommendations. Similarly, clients are able to install conversion tracking, call tracking, and in some cases Google Analytics free of charge. Recently, White Shark Media has teamed up with Marchex to provide call tracking to its clients. Accordingly, call tracking will allow clients to monitor conversion rates of their own callers who decide to become customers.


These freebies will be complemented by allowing access to Senior SEM Strategists. For new customers, these Senior SEM Strategists will take care of the client from initial sign-up to the optimization process. Actually, every client will also get access to these senior analysts who will play a critical part of a client’s lifetime cycle with the company.