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Bride Marries in Hospital so Sick Father can Attend

Stephanie Quillen had her June wedding planned however her plans changed after her father became ill. Her father, Steve Ellison, had not been feeling quite right lately and visited the doctor. From there it was found that he had several arteries that were severely blocked. He underwent a quadruple bypass. Things were looking good after the long surgery, until Steve suffered from a massive stroke later that night. He was left with his right side paralyzed. He spent the next week in a coma in the ICU while his family were unsure if he was going to pull through and make it. Not knowing what was going to happen, Yahoo News reported that Stephanie postponed her wedding.

Stephanie and her soon-to-be husband John Hovanec scrambled trying to cancel their wedding vendors at the last minute. The pair had been unable to receive a refund on their honeymoon to the Daytona, Florida so they decided that they would have their wedding wherever Steve was at that time. So that is how the couple ended up having their wedding in the gardens at the Roger C. Peace Rehabilitation Hospital. All though he was in a wheelchair, Steve was still in attendance for his daughter’s big day. The couple had their children from their previous marriages fill-in as the wedding party.

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