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Glen Wakeman – Master of Business Efficiency

Over time, seasoned business leader Glen Wakeman has proven the ability to be an extremely valuable asset to any company that he gets involved with. His efficient use of business resources and expert management skills have given him the opportunity to take on many different leadership roles with various companies all around the world. With decades of experience in the world of business, Glen decided to venture into entrepreneurship and started his very own company LaunchPad Holdings LLC in 2015.


LaunchPad Holdings

LaunchPad Holdings LLC is the result of Glen Wakeman’s many years of proven business expertise. The mission of LaunchPad Holdings is to help new companies grow through the implementation of Glen’s own time-tested 4 step approach to business which puts a focus on risk management, human capital, leadership power, and execution of business. This approach is guaranteed to help companies achieve sustained long-term growth while placing a premium on company leadership that makes a daily effort to understand the intricate roles of each part of their company. This is the best way to promote trust and transparency from within a company which leads to explosive business growth.


Building the Foundations

Before Glen Wakeman was an expert in business he built the foundations of success by investing in himself through education. He first attended the University of Scranton, where he graduated with a BS in economics and then went on to attend the University of Chicago where he graduated with an MBA in finance. The skills that he learned at those prestigious universities helped him land his first professional position at GE Capital where he held various leadership positions and helped grow the company for over 20 years.


Success in the Future

Today Glen Wakeman continues to get the most out of life by helping new companies attain the necessary start-up capital and long-term planning in order to ensure a successful transition from a new company to an established industry leader. His humble attitude and caring approach helps new enterprises greatly increase their chances for success. Consequently, Glen and LaunchPad Holdings will no doubt continue their track record of sustained success in the new year.