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The Mathematics Icon, Michael Lacey

Michael Lacey is a mathematics scholar. When he was at his tender age, he would solve undergraduate math.Michael followed his passion, and this made him study at Texas University a degree in Mathematics. He later proceeded to Illinois University where he got a PhD. Michael Lacey taught while taking his PhD at Louisiana University as a professor of the undergraduates. Michael was also a lecturer at the University of North Carolina part-time. He worked with Walter Phillip his fellow teacher to proof that the Central Limit theorem was true.


Upon attaining his PhD, he got a position as a lecturer at Indiana University where he started the Hilbert Transform study. The study was when he was a member of the National Science Fellowship Foundation. In 1996 he got awarded the Salem Prize for solving the Alberto Calderon conjure with Christoph Thiele. He is the current mathematics professor at Georgia Institute of Technology. He is also part of the school of mathematics hiring board.


Michael Lacey has also received recognitions in various fellowships. It includes Fulbright scholarship and Centro di Georgi Pisa in Italy. He also got an award in 2012 as the best advance mentor in the Georgia Tech NSF awards. He has also gotten fellow membership including American Mathematical Society, Simons Fellow and Guggenheim Fellow among others Michael Lacey has also held short span lecturer positions. For instance, University of Crete he gave lectures from June to July, the University of British Columbia he gave lectures from January to May.


Michael Lacey gets requests in institutions to be the guest professor. Therefore, he has done visiting speeches and lectures including Helsinki University, Institute for Advanced Study and IPAM program on Geometric Analysis among others. Michael Lacey is a publisher who has done books like Estimates of bilinear Hilbert Transform, Weighted bounds for Variational Fourier Series and Bloom’s Inequality among others. He also receives grants from different institutions to assist him in carrying out mathematical developments. Some of the individual’s subsidies include NSF Creative Extension, NSF high Impact award, NSF individual grant and NSF postdoctoral Fellow and much more.


Michael Lacey is a mentor and has participated in the STEM program. He has spoken to the undergraduates on the realization of careers.Michael has also done public lecturers or addressing various institutions including Texas A and M University, University of Waterloo and much more. He is a member of the College of Sciences board at the Georgia Institute, and he is also a director Undergraduate Education in the mathematics department, is also a member of the hiring committee and many others. Michael Lacey is also an organiser of events, symposiums and seminars. He is also an editor of the American Mathematical Society. He, therefore, is a successful mathematics leader.

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