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Matt Damon Is Slated to Play Darkseid

Ben Affleck was not joking when the actor said he wanted to bring a few of his friends into the D.C. Extended Universe. One of Affleck’s long-time friends and fellow movie star icon, Matt Damon, will be making a cameo in the upcoming Justice League film.


Damon is not playing a minor or throwaway character. His cameo sees him in the role of Darkseid, one of the most powerful of all D.C. Comics villains. Darkseid is a legendary villain from the Superman books. His powers are enough to eradicate the entire Justice League — except for Superman and Wonder Woman — with a swat of his hand.


The arrival of Darkseid in the D.C. Extended Universe is good news. Unlike “standard” villains, Darkseid’s plots involve destroying and conquering the earth. The interstellar villain is perfect for an ensemble film such as Justice League. Darkseid is sure to become a recurring character in the D.C. movies, which is a good thing.


In a way, Matt Damon’s presence in the film adds more credibility to the production. The D.C. movies have suffered from poor scripts and weak development. The films in the D.C. canon run the risk of being labeled “B grade” in comparison to Marvel’s output.


While Matt Damon cannot single handily save any film franchise, his presence doesn’t hurt. The inclusion of an A-list actor who has scores of other options on the table in any film raises positive eyebrows. After coming off the huge success of The Martian and Jason Bourne, Damon could appear in any film he wishes.


True, The Great Wall did well below expectations in the United States and $330 million worldwide was equally disappointing. The script of The Great Wall is mostly blamed for the bad reviews. Damon walked away from that film fairly unscathed.


Appearing in a cameo in a D.C. Comics film — a major one the size and scope of Justice League — could garner enough publicity for Damon that any negatives surrounding The Great Wall end up forgotten. The actor may find himself in the enviable position of performing in his own films and in D.C. tentpole projects for the next several years.