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Celebrities: Matt Lanter Makes a Humorous Video

Reacting to NBC’s surprise decision not to cancel the sci-fi television series Timeless after previously listing the show as cancelled, celebrity Matt Lanter recently posted a humorous video clip on the popular social media site, Facebook. His video, completed in May, 2017, spoofed the theme of the drama, which revolves around the adventures of a group of fictional time travelers.


In the dramatic series, Matt Lanter portrays Wyatt, a member of a trio of time travelers who seek to prevent terrorists from changing the course of history. He plays a special forces soldier assigned to accompany Lucy (a history professor) and Rufus (a time travel scientist) in brief excursions into the recent past. Goran Visnijc appears as their nemesis, Garcia Flynn, a former NSA employee determined to change history in order to prevent the murder of his wife and daughter by a nefarious organization known as “Rittenhouse”. The recent humorous Facebook video displays Matt Lanter in character as Wyatt, describing the successful completion of a recent mission to return in time and change the NBC decision about the fate of the series.


Born in Massillon, Ohio in 1983, Matt Lanter graduated from the University of Georgia before moving to Los Angeles. He appeared in guest roles in Grey’s Anatomy, Monk, and Big Love, in addition to film roles including Bobby Jones: Stroke of Genius(2004) and recurring roles in Heroes and Shark.