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Mark Ahn: Biotech Expert, Entrepreneur, And Educator

Mark J. Ahn Ph.D. is an entrepreneur, biotech specialist, and educator. He has a very diverse educational background. Mark Ahn’s degrees include a BA and MBA from Chaminade University, an MA in Classics from Victoria University, University of Toronto, and a PhD in Business Administration from the University of South Australia. But what really makes Mark Ahn special is his vision and drive. He has founded and co-founded a number of companies and worked in the upper level of management in many others. Dr. Ahn is equally comfortable working with start-ups or established companies.
University of Essex

In his 20 years working in the biotech the list of companies he has been involved with and positions he has held is truly impressive. Mark Ahn was CEO, President, and Director at Galena Biopharma, Inc., CEO, CFO and President of RXi Pharmaceuticals Corporation, Co-Founder of 2 Ignite Fund and Sparkbox, and a principal at Pukana Partners, Ltd. Dr. Ahn founded Hana Biosciences Inc., was CEO, President, and Executive Director of Talon Therapeutics, Inc., and director of TransMolecular, Inc.,
Mesynthes Ltd., Essia Health Inc. and Immusoft Corporation.

Mark Ahn’s extensive experience with such a wide range of companies makes him uniquely qualified to offer advice to people interested in starting biotech companies. Recently he spoke on what it takes to succeed in the industry. He said that while most biotech startups have great promise, excitement, and potentially world-changing ideas and products, smart investors should forge ties, and research alliances, and acquire minority stakes in a number of diverse small companies.

Mark Ahn said for start-ups to succeed they should stick with their plan and don’t try to follow trends because biotech product development cycles can be long and start-ups may need multiple rounds of funding. But if they stick with their business plan they can succeed. Mark Ahn has outlined his thoughts on what it takes for investors in and founders of biotech start-ups need to do to succeed in an article entitled “Biotechnology Innovation: A Legitimacy-Based View” which appeared in the International Journal of Innovation Technology Management

Mark Ahn not only builds companies of his own, he also works as a consultant to biotech companies of every stripe. Plus he works with young people in academic settings as a professor at three different colleges, Victoria University, Carnegie Mellon, and Portland State University. Ahn is the author of over 50 peer reviewed journal articles and books.

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Mark Ahn Explains Why Some Biotech Startups Fail

Mark Ahn Explains Why Some Biotech Startups Fail

Every biotech company that wants to remain successful needs to make sure that it is following the advise of this industry veteran. When PR Newswire reported this talk with Dr. Mark Ahn, people began to listen to his sage advice on the subject.

Be Patient

These companies have extremely long product cycles, and it could take years for just one product to begin to make money. Businesses are encouraged to have their own business plan, and they are reminded that their business plan will not look like anybody else’s.

Work With The Board

The board of directors of a company that is filled with industry veterans will be able to guide the management of the company in the right direction. Most management teams need that kind of advice so that they can take the company where it is supposed to go.

When you are thinking of working on your own startup, you need to remember that money is not going to flow in overnight. These biotech companies are going to have problems with cash flow until they come up with a business plan that allows them to be patient because of the product and testing cycles that they must endure.

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When you think about Titanic and Avatar, you probably think of Leonardo DiCaprio, James Cameron, and those blue people, correct? What about Tom Rothman? 

Unless you are in the movie production atmosphere, the name may not ring a bell. Tom Rothman was the former Chairman and CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of Fox Filmed Entertainment, 20th Century Fox Film Corporation, Blue Sky Animation, 20th Century Fox Television, and the company he founded, Fox Searchlight which won the prestigious Best Picture Oscar in 2008 for Slumdog Millionaire. 

Some other films made under his tutelage at Fox include – Life of Pi, Cast Way, Black Swan, Minority Report,Walk the Line, Marley and Me, Juno, The Crucible, and the two aforementioned films that became the two highest grossing films ever, thus far. 

He was also the President of Worldwide Production for the Samuel Goldwyn Company before moving on to Fox. Henry V, Truly Madly Deeply, and Wild at Heart are a few of the films he brought to the screen while at Samuel Goldwyn Company. 

His credentials so far should tell you that he is a very big man on campus — well actually — in film. When it comes to movie making, not just the actors and directors are responsible for bringing movies to the big screen.

He was recently (2013) named the Chairman of Tristar Pictures with Sony Pictures Entertainment distributing its productions worldwide. He is currently producing Steven Spielberg’s movie, Robopocalypse.

A Magna Cum Laude graduate from Brown University, and a two time John Kent Scholar (highest academic honor) recipient from Columbia Law School, Tom Rothman has also been an English teacher, a soccer and lacrosse coach, and a law clerk before hopping into the world of film and television. 

Rothman was nominated by President Obama for a position on the National Council on the Arts in 2013. The NCA is responsible for grants, funding and recommendations for the National Endowment for the Arts. 


Board of Directors 
The Sundance Institute – New York’s Art Therapy Outreach Center

Board of Trustees
California Institute of the Arts

Jewish Home for the Aging – National Multiple Sclerosis Society – American Jewish Committee

Say “Amen” to Dr. Daniel Amen

Dr. Daniel Amen: Expert on the health of your brain & more

Dr. Daniel Amen is the brains behind the chain of Amen Clinics which specializes on healthy brains. His substantial personal achievements prelude the opening of these clinics to help him spread his help to the growing community of people with psychiatric and brain disorder needs.
Dr. Daniel Amen’s resume is pretty impressive. A post-graduate of the Oral Roberts University School of Medicine, Dr. Amen has been in practice for over 32 years and has garnered several titles to his name, as psychiatrist, brain specialist and New York Bestselling Author.Dr. Amen is well-educated in his area of medicine, having completed training in various institutions such as Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Tripler Army Medical Center, and Institute of Nuclear Medicine Education. In addition, Amen is board certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology in both General Psychiatry and Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.

Dr. Amen’s interests included writing and he is an accomplished writer. His first book Change Your Brain Change Your Life published in 1999 reached the New York Time’s Bestseller List. 

He has since published several books, one of which he co-authored with Pastor Rick Warren (The Daniel Plan: 40 Days to a Healthier Life).

His other notable works include: Making a Good Brain Great, Healing the Hardware of the Soul, The Brain in Love, Healing ADD from the Inside Out: The Breakthrough Program That Allows You to See and Heal the Seven Types of Attention Deficit Disorder, among others.

He has produced several TV programs like Change Your Brain, Change Your Life aired at PBS, and Magnificent Mind at Any Age with Dr. Daniel Amen. In addition, he also maintains several websites that advocate the power of nutrition for brain health.

His best stepping stool to popularity is use of the SPECT (single-photon emission computed tomography) in his practice, which has been the subject of many medical discussions, making him one of the most popular doctors in psychiatry.