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Omar Boraie Answers the Challenge

In higher education, an endowed chair is the highest level of commitment to an academic discipline that a university can make. An endowed chair will guarantee the continued support and progression, at the highest level, of research into a particular subject. In a recent report by, the Rutgers Cancer Institute announced the endowment of a chair dedicated to the research of precision medicine. Precision medicine is the study of a patient’s genetic content and cellular makeup. This science makes it possible for a doctor to customize a health care plan, based on findings learned from diagnostic testing, that might have better results than a one size fits all type of treatment.

Rutgers University has what they call the 18 Chair Challenge; it works very simply when someone makes a donation of 1.5 million an anonymous donor will match the donation with another 1.5 million and an endowed chair worth 3 million formed. Recently a New Brunswick developer named Omar Boraie made a 1.5 million donation to the Cancer Institute who then created a 3 million Omar Boraie Chair in Genomic Science. While relatively new, Genomic science is starting to change the way physicians are diagnosing cancer and other diseases. By studying tumors genetically, an oncologist can design a treatment plan for each patient. The importance of precision medicine, considered so significant compared to previous diagnostic procedures, President Obama announced the Precision Medicine Initiative during his 2015 State of the Union Address.

While there are other cancer centers conducting research on gene sequencing, the Rutgers Cancer Institute is the first in the state to use genomic sequencing as a new approach to better patient care. This approach has been valuable in discovering new therapies for patient’s with rare forms of cancer, that have received poor prognoses or whose treatment has been ineffective. The progress in precision medicine is making it possible to classify tumors into subcategories that have similar characteristics but unique genetic makeup, making it possible to design individual therapies and forecast better outcomes. To learn more about this new and exciting research please visit NewsWise to read the entire article.

Omar Boraie is pleased with the progress in precision medicine made at the Rutgers Cancer Institute. He has an ongoing interest in cancer research and medical advancement; he has promoted New Brunswick as the “Healthcare City.” Boraie hopes his donation will have a lasting impact on cancer research and encourages others to join him and his family in supporting this critical work.