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Lone Sailor A Collaboration With The U.S. Money Reserve


In honor of the dedicated heroes from all naval based services, the United States Naval Memorial Foundation in connection the U.S. Money Reserve are combining efforts to erect a statue known as the Lone Sailor. The statue will be placed at the Pearl Harbor site in Hawaii, and stands as a memorial to past, present and future service members.Yahoo writer Jim Warren original wrote about the collaboration effort between the two groups.

The U.S. Money Reserve according to a article, is taking partial proceeds from their sale of the Seventy-Fifth Anniversary Pearl Harbor Gold Coin to help fund the project. The gold coin is a tribute to the Pearl Harbor attacks that took place on December 7, 1941. The USMR and the United State Naval Memorial Foundation worked with the dedicated sculptor Stanley Bleifeld, who was the official sculptor for the USNMF. The statue will be a seven-foot tall figure, representing The Lone Sailor, an emblematic symbol of the USNMF. It will feature metal from the USS Arizona within its base.

The United States Naval Memorial Foundation, located in Washington, D.C., is for all service members of the Naval branches, including the Navy, Marines, Coast Guard and Merchant Marine. It is a place where veterans can not only register and locate fellow service members, but also serves as a source for education on contributions of the service of Naval members.

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