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Danilo Diaz Granados Treats his Guests to a Once in a Lifetime Experience


Rarely do many people apply what they learn in school in real life. Most people just go to school to learn skills and concepts that they will use to find an employment opportunity and live the dream. However, Danilo Diaz Granados is one exceptional man who used his skills from college to make a fortune and a life for himself. Danilo Diaz Granados attended Babson College for his undergraduate program and graduated with a degree in Entrepreneurship and Economics. Later on, he attended the IE Business School for a master’s program in Business Administration.


Danilo Granados Treats his Guests to a Once in a Lifetime Experience Granados has had success in entrepreneurship of late. He is the co-founder of Toy For Boys that is based in Miami. Granados is from New York. He has held the position of the co-founder for three years now. Granados is also a manager at MovilWay since 2012, as indicated by CrunchBase. Having learned of the luxury concept in school, Granados used it to establish Toy for Boys for the Latino community. Toy for Boys is a one stop store that offers a wide range of commodities such as contemporary art and exotic automobiles. Other products include jewelry and fine watches. This great business man is active in social media and can be found on Twitter, Facebook, and even SoundCloud where he shares his latest podcast finds.


Recently, Danilo Diaz Granados brought together different business partners to hold a once in a lifetime event for the rich people in Miami. He partnered with Air Commander Aerospace, Gryphon Racing, and One Thousand Museum and not forgetting Van Butch Americas to treat his guests. Those attending this event were hand-picked and were treated in a way they will never forget.


Those present were treated with helicopter rides and sweet cuisines and not forgetting a bottle of the expensive Champaign known as the Dom Perignon. There was also some time on the racetrack and boat ride at sunset. This was not the first time he had organized such a party. He has held such parties in the past.

At the end of the day, Danilo gave his guests a helicopter ride to Palm Beach Race Tracks where everyone was given an opportunity to ride. During this party, lunch was served at the River Yacht Club that is found on Miami River. Dom Perignon were the people behind this well-planned lunch.  But Danilo is all about helping his fellow man as well.  That is why Danilo wrote a piece for iCrowd Newswire about coming to America from another country, for business purposes.